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13 Jan

Why with the polar vortex and all, I have gotten out only a couple of times since my last post. No silver nor gold but still fun to get out and spend some time communing with the pull tabs.

One of the parks I hunted is well over 100 years old. As with all the other public spaces in the U.S., there is a deep carpet of metal trash covering it. But this doesn’t daunt me in any way because I am rather simple minded. In two hours, I found a number of old pieces of brass and copper. Nothing even recognizable but obviously very old. That was enough for me. Another thing that I like finding is a bottle cap with cork still in it. You may not know this if you were born after 1979 but back in the day, the seal inside bottle caps was made of cork and not the little plastic round sheet that they have now. My simple-mindedness allows me to be entertained by this.

I also play a game I call “Remove-all-the-beaver-tail-pull-tabs-because-once-you-remove-them-they-won’t-be-replaced”. Once in a long while, this game pays off in the form of something made of gold.

The weather has turned so I look forward to resuming my lunch time hunts.

Wish me luck!


Checking in

26 Nov

It has been two weeks since my last post. I have had a few hunts in that time and have found some old coins but no silver since then. Notable was a hunt with Stevouke at a site of a late 1800’s school. I found a 1900 Indian in pristine condition there. At another site I found a trade token from Andale, KS good for 5 cents in trade. I want to post a picture but I haven’t yet cleaned it well enough.

Meanwhile I have been very busy with work and life and the weather has turned quite cold. I will try to get a few lunch hour hunts soon and I will be traveling out of town so I may be able to find cool stuff elsewhere.

Thank you for looking!

Pushing the limits

14 Oct

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I have in the past, lightly touched on the subject. Be warned, this is not going to be your typical post about metal detecting. IT IS about metal detecting; it’s just that it is about the very limits of metal detecting.

Let me give you a little background which at first may seem unrelated but bear with me.

I saw a video about a man named Byron Ferguson, who can hit ANY moving target with his bow and arrows. In the video I saw the man hit a moving aspirin –yes, you read that right, a moving, regular size (very small!) aspirin tablet with an arrow at 45 feet!!!! Byron goes on to explain in the video, that when he is attempting to hit something very small like an aspirin tablet, he first visualizes the arrow hitting the target.  The scientists trying to figure out how he does it, learned that Byron can track a moving target with uncanny accuracy.

Then I saw a video about a young man (now deceased) who lost his sight at the age of two because of cancer. Eventually, the young man, whose name was Ben Underwood, taught himself to use echolocation to see the world around him. He would make a ticking noise with his mouth and use the echo to navigate around, much like a bat. He was tested and was found to be the real deal. Although completely blind, he could skate and ride his bike without any problems. I had already seen a video about a school that adopted this idea and was teaching it to other blind people.

Last, I had heard of something called the World Memory Championship. A man by the name of Dominic O’Brien won it 8 times. The stuff Dominic can do with his memory seems impossible.

I want to point out that these three people are humans like you and I. What they have done is push our normal human abilities to limits others do not think possible. At least in the case of Ben and Dominic, what they do can be taught to other people. I suspect what Byron can do can also be taught to other people but I don’t know that anyone is trying.

What does this have to do with metal detecting? I believe that there is a way to metal detect while in an altered state. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of altered state (and no, I don’t mean high), think of detecting while in a VERY relaxed state. Why do I say this? I have been trying this for a while and it seems that whenever I am successful at maintaining  a very relaxed state while hunting, I always find a silver coin or something cool. I suspect that when I am super relaxed, my brain can process the signals from the detector at a different level. I have an even crazier idea but I will only tell that one to my closest friends, who will (I hope) still be my friends after they hear it.

Anyway, I wonder how many of the super stars of the hobby use techniques like these but are not telling anyone.

Something to think about.

Thank you for looking!

The State of Affairs

26 Jul

When I began this blog, I wanted to make it 100% about metal detecting. To this end, I have avoided talking too much about myself and my life outside the hobby.

However, a monumental decision forces me to come here and talk about it. I have decided to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test or JLPT for short, is offered outside of Japan only twice a year and in the U.S. in particular, only once every December. Passing the test gets me absolutely nothing in the US (maybe) but I think it’s important if one wants to work in Japan. My reason for taking it is simply to get awesomeness points but who knows? I may end up with a new career in the Land Of The Rising Sun!

I maintain a separate blog where I post about my goal of becoming a polyglot. I am not promoting it at the moment because it kinda lacks pizzazz. That will change shortly since I began posting in Italian and soon, will start posting in Japanese and Portuguese as well. The last language I will post in is Arabic.

Learning foreign languages has turned out to be one of the funest things I’ve done in my life. Once I overcame the misconception that only people with some kind of magical native talent could learn foreign languages (which is funny since I’ve been fully bilingual most of my adult life), the whole thing became a blast. The secret is hard work. That’s it. Nothing else. Just good ol’ elbow grease. There are many, many polyglots online. Most of them are young people but there are some old foggies like me as well.

So, please forgive my indulgence as I talk about something other than metal detecting but I just had to do it.

Thank you for looking!

When it is too hot to hunt…

28 Jun

Ah! The title of this post is a trick title; it is NEVER too hot to hunt! Ha ha ha..HA HA HA!…sob! (maybe I’ve been in the sun too long)

But, if you do prefer to stay indoors when the temps reach ungodly highs, you can  still do research on prospective sites to metal detect. Or, if you are tired of doing research and need something else to look at, may I recommend the following site: Scintillating Silver.

I mentioned this site before in one of my posts but this time I want to really bring it to your attention. The blog is written by a coin collector and the posts are generally about coins. I have read every post in this blog and I have found every one interesting. If you like history, you will really appreciate what this guy writes. The posts are relatively short and the guy’s writing style is very easy.  I enjoy it and I think you will too.

THE GOINGS ON (or is it the Going Ons?)

It’s been beastially hot. The ground is now bone-dry at most city parks. The grass is starting to get crunchy under my foot. We got a tree-toppling storm last night that cooled down the place and dumped some well-needed water. Still, we need more. I have been out there, digging holes in the hot, dry dirt. However, the new Deus’ software, combined with the heat, has prevented me from finding really good stuff.

I am slowly figuring out V3 on the Deus. Today for example, I got the bottle cap busting setting right finally. Somewhere in all the configuring, I lost some depth but I made up for it by creating a 100% open program that goes deeeeep!. Also, the new pinpointing feature of V3 is boss. I figure that I am 70% of the way to world domination. The 11 inch coil is still not out but even if it appears at the end of the month as scheduled, I’ve taken the money I was saving for it and bought silver while the prices are low. Hopefully silver will make a quick and strong comeback and I can increase my coil-buying funds.

I hope I get back on the silver finding train soon. I was already behind because of February and March.

Thank you for looking!

Just ranting

16 Apr


When I began metal detecting nearly two years ago, my criteria for digging a signal was very narrow. So I found mostly clad. I found a lot of gold too but I credit the Ace250 for that in that many of my gold finds gave penny signals. But that’s a story for another time…

As I have grown in the hobby, my criteria has widened and now I find a lot of cool stuff. I am not yet at the top of my game which makes me very excited for the future.


I have been finding deep coins lately, especially since I began digging more wrap-around signals (I am also digging more iron but what you gonna do?). A lot of people seem to have a problem believing that there are coins in the 10 to 12 inch range. I don’t. Judging by the number of coins I’ve dug up at nine inches plus, I believe there is a treasure trove even deeper.


And speaking of deep coins, I wonder if anyone has ever recovered an 8 or 9 inch deep coin using a probe and a screwdriver? I don’t see how that’s possible but if it is, I would like to learn how.


This topic came up the other day. It is simply not possible to find anything once you lose the mind game. If you believe a place is no good then you will hunt it sloppily. You might as well pack it up and go home.


Has anything strange ever happened to you during a hunt? Here’s a list of things that have happened to me in two years of hunting:

1) Voice told me to dig there. I found a three nickel spill once because a voice in my head urgently told me to run my coil over a spot and dig.

2) Ghostly window rap. I was detecting the yard of an abandoned house when someone rapped on the window pane from inside the house. I looked and upon not seeing anyone there I continued to hunt only to have the rap again at the next window. I went in the house, followed by a man who was shadowing me during the hunt and neither one of us could find anyone in the house.

3) Whenever I take a deep breath and relax and defocus (more on this at a later time), I seem to find more stuff.

That’s it. It’s supposed to rain today so I may not get a chance to hunt at lunch.

Thank you for looking!

The bad knee

11 Mar

For a few months now, I’ve been having pain in my left knee. It was manageable for a while but in the last few weeks it got to be too much. I finally made it to the doctor and they took x-rays and did an MRI. No problem with the meniscus nor with the ligaments. The culprit is a piece of errant bone that has grown under the knee cap.

The result is that I have to stop putting stress on the knee while we do treatment and therapy. This unfortunately includes getting on my knees to dig holes, which stops all detecting for now. It has been a week since my doctor visit and I have not detected at all. It feels a bit strange and I am beginning to feel the effects of not getting outside on a regular basis.

On a positive note, I have been spending a lot more time with my boys and I love it. I can’t wait until they get a bit older so that they can come with me on my hunts.

Hope to get back on it soon.

Pulltabs pulled

3 Dec

After painting the living room (a very nice Teal color) to go with our new sofa and love seat, there was still some sunlight time left so I grabbed Maurice, my XP Deus metal detector, and headed out to Riverside park.

The Fall sun was out and the temps hovered in the 60’s. There were lots of families taking advantage of this unusual weather. The first signal I deemed digable was a nickel signal. At about 6 inches, I found a 1957 Jefferson nickel. That was the only coin of the hunt. Riverside has been hit hard through the years and it’s  not easy to find coins, let alone old coins.

At Riverside park, however, I enjoy a rather perverse sport (perverse to metal detecting fans anyway); I hunt for beaver-tail pulltabs. 99% of these beauties were dropped from 1962 to 1975.  I revel on the thought that once I remove a beaver tail pulltab, there will be no other one to take its place. And, of course, I am sometimes surprised to find something other than a pulltab. Last night for example, I found an old bottle opener, too toasted to be of any interest.

So I dug close to 30 pulltabs before I needed to get back home. You all can thank me for my service at any time. 🙂

Thank you for looking!

The Big Hiatus

2 Aug

I haven’t detected in almost a week. I decided to use the time in the morning to practice for my first belt test in my Karate class. I don’t know when that will be. It’s up to the teacher to decide if I am doing well enough to test so I need to be doing well enough so I need to practice more.

This is the longest I have gone without detecting since I started and it feels strange. I drive by places and wish I had Maurice in the back of the car instead of in the house.


I will return to detecting at lunch time next week. I got a number of promising spots.

Thank you for looking!

Up In Smoke

26 Jul

Metal detecting with the XP Deus metal detector is not always glamorous.

Some hunts I find absolutely nothing. Some hunts I find a few coins and some paraphernalia.

various modern coins and a home-made pot pipe

Not enough money to fill the pipe

I wished I had saved all the pot pipes I’ve found since I started. I think I am to seven or so. Some were the fancy type that you buy on the Internet. This one is home made and I think it has more character. And if I am going to find pipes, better that they be pot pipes than crack pipes. I find crack pipes once a week it seems. I also find plenty of spoons with the little burn mark at the bottom of the spoon bowl.

(here was a whole rant about the demonization of marijuana and all the lies that go with it but, alas, this is a metal detecting blog so I erased it)

It is very hard to be a casual hunter and find silver and gold. You really have to put in the time to find silver these days. Sigh! my detecting time is going to diminish even more as soon as the boys go back to school.

Thank you for looking!