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The 11″ beast goes to work

1 Nov

I’ve done three hunts with Maurice and the new 11″ coil. The first hunt I felt rushed and couldn’t really relax and concentrate. The second hunt, I hit a park where I’ve found silver recently. I wanted to see what the new coil would do there. It didn’t disappoint:


The rusted object in the middle is actually a really cool pin from some kind of farmer’s fair. I haven’t yet cleaned it enough to take a picture of it. Right below it, there is a wheat cent that appears to have been buffed until all detail was gone.

The third hunt with the new coil happened at a site that has long since stopped producing. That is exactly the reason why I chose the spot. Again, I spent maybe 30 minutes there and I found a 1919 wheat cent and a 1902 Barber dime.


Although the ring in the picture has no corrosion, I don’t think it’s real gold.

I sure hope this is a sign of things to come. I have many old sites that I will revisit with the new coil. Stay tuned.


World Domination part II

29 Oct

It’s here! It’s here! Unfortunately, I don’t get to try it today as it is rainy and muddy and I have a commitment right after work. Sigh!


Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

28 Oct

Chuck from Indian Nations Detectors told me I should have my new 11″ coil sometime this week. It’s a game changer.

I plan on cleaning up all our city parks and other public places of any and all coins and jewelry.

You’ve been forewarned.