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Review of the new 5x8DD Garret coil

20 Mar


First, it makes the AT Pro lighter. At roughly 3.2 pounds, the Pro is really not a heavy detector but taking the larger coil out takes almost one pound off!

Second, the little coil goes deep! Today at lunch I found a wheat cent at about six inches. Not bad! Also, I was hitting mid tones and iron at eight inches plus!

Third and perhaps the most important and impressive thing about this coil, is that it separates targets like no other. At one point, I hit three targets in a tiny area. I mean these targets were barely an inch from each other. There is hardly a need to use the pinpoint button with this thing!

Oh, and don’t get me started about getting in between the roots of old trees. Man! Because of the blunted ends on this coil, I could get right next to objects and detect around them with such ease.

It could be that this is the first time I use a small coil but geez I really like this little coil. If you own an AT Pro and don’t yet own one of these small gems, run, don’t walk, to your nearest metal detector dealer and order one.

You won’t be sorry!