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Hunt, interrupted

11 Jul

So all my hopes and dreams were dashed against the cruel rocks of chance.

A little dramatic I know, but darn that sharp rock I stepped on while goofing around with my boys in the waves!

No more beach hunting for me since the cut, albeit in much better shape, is still tender to walk on.

Had fun doing it once however, and plans have been made for another visit to the West coast (and a future trip to the Eastern seaboard as well, yippee!) so I have two chances to redeem myself and also to try beach hunting with a sand scoop.

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Long Beach – day two

9 Jul

I awoke today with great expectations. This was my first beach hunt ever. There was enough light at 6am to venture out onto the surf. At that time here, there were a few people on the beach, not counting the beach bums sleeping here and there.

I was expecting to see other detectorists but no one else was detecting. The beach was all mine. I began at the volleyball nets where I had seen quite a few people playing yesterday but I came up with nothing. Next I moved to the wet sand. Luckily for me, the Deus comes with a pre-loaded wet sand program. Here’s what I found:

The one thing in that picture that should blow your mind is that beaver tail pull tab. The fact that the tab has been missed since at least 1975 (the last year beaver tail tabs were put on cans) is not because hunters have been careless but more than likely is due to the fact that the beach is huge. There are a quadrillion square inches to be hunted.


So after a couple of hours I decided to call it and headed back to the hotel. On my way back, I picked as much money from the parking lots on the way as I dug up on the beach. And the number one lesson I learned today is:


I hope there is a metal detecting shop somewhere near where I can pick one up for the next few days.

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