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Renten Pfennig

30 Jun

I love finding old foreign money. This morning I found this cool Renten Pfennig coin from Germany. It is from 1929 and it’s in very good shape. In size, it is just a tad smaller than a U.S. dime.



To date I have found coins from China, Israel, France, Canada, Italy, Mexico, and now, Germany. I think it would be extremely cool to find an old silver foreign coin.

Also, in my hunts, I find many, many pieces of old brass and copper that never make it to the blog. This morning I found this odd piece of brass at the park. It was fairly deep so I surmise that it harkens back to the early days of the park. I have no idea what it is but I love how we used to decorate even the smallest pieces of whatever back in the day. This whatsit is about the size of a U.S. quarter.


Thank you for looking!


Square token – **UPDATED**

10 Jul

I found an interesting square token with my XP Deus metal detector this morning.

It is made of brass and it is exactly 2cm x 2cm (approx. 3/4 inch) or about the size of a U.S. nickel coin.  The fact that the measurements are exact in metric units makes me suspect that this is not a U.S. token (metrication is voluntary in the U.S.).

**UPDATE** I was right. This token appears to be a German transportation token. Many thanks to Stevouke for steering me in the right direction. Although I could not find an exact match, I found many other examples that matched the style of the this token and all were transportation tokens from Germany. This one could be old.****

I find it interesting that the value (?) of this token is 2 1/2.

square brass token

M.K. Hmmmmm….

brass token reverse

About two fitty

Another interesting thing is that the font on the obverse does not match the font on the reverse.

I could not find any information about it on the Web.

At the spot where I found the token, there stood a Girl Scout camp from the 1920’s to the 1980’s but the neighborhood around it dates as far back as 1900. I’ve found several Indian Head cents at the site, as well as a 1901 dog tag.

Thank you for looking!

American Airlines Junior Pilot Ring

5 Jul

I went metal detecting with my Tesoro Compadre this morning. My intent was to clean an area at the park of any pull tabs within the first five inches of ground.

As I was digging a pull tab signal I found this:

Child's brass ring

Not a pull tab

Wing motif on the side of ring

Cool motif

A quick Google search reveals that this ring probably dates to the 40’s or early 50’s. Some people suggest this ring may have come from a cereal box.

***UPDATE*** I now have anecdotal evidence that these rings were given out even into the 1960’s. Kids got them from the pilots when they visited the cockpit and also they got them from the stewardesses***

At any rate, rings are very personal relics and a ring like this always makes me wonder about the person who wore it. They also had Junior Stewardess rings for girls (it was the 50’s after all!) but I believe this ring may have belonged to a girl because a Girl Scout camp stood for many years where I found this ring. I wonder if the person who got this ring as a child is still alive. I wonder if they remember getting this ring and if they sometimes wish they hadn’t lost it.

I think it’s a very cool ring.

Thank you for looking!

The Last Hunt

25 Feb

I mean the last hunt around the Girl Scout house in Riverside park.

I spent a total of about six hours today hunting around the old Girl Scout house. No coins but a number of brass objects.

various brass objects

The results of today's hunt

1. Mini bracelet ring. Plated gold. Marking inside: Hong Kong. Four inches deep

2. Small lipstick case. Stamp at bottom: Avon Products Inc. Dist. N.Y. Six inches deep.

3. Possible lipstick case. Stamp at bottom is almost missing. Six inches deep.

4. Heavy brass tip. Evidence that it was at the end of a wooden stick. Six inches deep.

5. Bullet casing. .32 S&W USC Co. Five inches deep

6. Small metal disc. Seems to be copper or brass. Very heavy. Eight inches deep.

7. Cufflink. Brass. Nine inches deep. I am amazed I didn’t break it. I found Indian Heads around that same depth.

This may be the last time I hunt this area for the time being. I need to move to a different area of the park. My Seated coin is somewhere in this old park.

Thank you for looking!