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The cruelty of mint marks

22 Oct

I took the day off today so I could go to the doctor. No surprises there: lose weight, exercise more, less salt, more vegetables, etc, etc. To relax after the stressful doctor’s visit, I took Maurice for another foray into Wichita’s oldest park. This park is very small and very, very trashy.

After about an hour, I got an ugly, trashy signal. I dig those at this park because I want to clean the park in preparation for the 11 inch coil that is forthcoming. Before I dug it however, I checked it with my 4KHz program and wow! the signal changed to very distinctive iron grunts and a smooth, silky, come-and-dig-me-big-boy, kind of signal. I couldn’t believe the difference changing the frequency made on this signal.

So I dug the hole and around the 8 inch mark, I saw the silver disk of my third ever 1916 Mercury dime! My last two 1916 Mercs didn’t have a mint mark and I couldn’t see if this one did. I wasn’t about to rub it though! (Just in case you don’t know, the 1916D Mercury dime is worth some $$, almost $700 in this condition)


I had to deliver some paper work to Steve so I called him and he said I could come by to wash the coin and see the mint mark.

Steve ran some water over the dime and we set into the task of determining if a mint mark existed.

It had a mint mark! Steve got his trusty printer’s loupe and after not being sure handed the coin to me. I immediately saw a D on the back!! I started dancing and celebratin’ but Steve still wasn’t sure.

Eventually, I came home and put the coin under my microscope:



Alas! the S couldn’t be more clear.

So there it is. Another dream dashed against the rocks of reality.

Still, this is silver coin number 4 from that park for me and silver coin number 51 for the year.

Thank you for looking!