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Getting a little too full of myself

1 Nov

Ok, I have to come clean. I don’t always post my finds.Not because I don’t have time, although often that is the case. It’s just that I don’t deem the finds worthy of a post. After you post the same finds over and over you start wanting to make your posts memorable. If I was finding silver coins every day or gold rings or really cool relics, I wouldn’t be like this. But as it happens, my usual finds are always the same; bullets, clad, crap. YAAAAWN….

Somehow, silver rings got in the category of boring finds in my mind. So I haven’t been posting the silver rings I’ve been finding. Just in the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve found three silver rings that I haven’t even been telling my friends about.

I will remedy this however. I need to get out of that mind set and return to the days when everything and anything I found was exciting.

So here’s a picture of a silver ring I found at lunch the other day, along with the clad and, yep, a bullet. I hadn’t yet deleted this picture from my phone. I did tell Steveouke about this one though.

coins, bullet, and silver ring

The loot

So I hope I continue to find silver rings to tell you about.

Thank you for looking!


A small CZ-3D study

23 May

I went to my trashy, hunted out park to run a little study on the CZ-3D. The site is not, strictly speaking, the kind of site for which the CZ-3D is optimized for. The park did open around 1880 but it has been in continued use since then so although there are still many old coins left, those coins are covered by a carpet of trash.

Nonetheless, I remained undaunted and carried on.

The settings on the CZ-3D were as follows: Discrimination set at zero. Ground Balance at 3.5. Volume at 4.5. Sensitivity at ~4.2. Enhanced mode. Eight inch stock coil.

I detected for two hours and dug only repeatable high tones regardless of the depth of the target. Below are the results

3 nickels
1 quarter
1 dime
3 memorial cents
5 beaver tails
1 round pull tab with beaver tail attached
2 square pull tabs
2 bottle caps
3 wine screw caps
6 pieces of can slaw
1 bent rusty nail
1 piece of aluminum wire
1 unidentified piece of brass

30 pieces dug
8 good targets
22 trash targets

approx 27% of the targets were good. The oldest coin was a 1959 nickel.

Not bad for a spot of the park that I and others have hit heavily in recent months.

Thank you for looking!

My first dollar coin

2 Oct

I won’t often write about clad coins but finding a dollar coin is rare enough to warrant a post.

I went back to Linwood park in hopes of finding a cool old coin. On the way, I checked a voice mail that another hunter left for me. He told me that he heard a woman lost her gold ring in this park and he told me the general area where to look. I looked for 3 hours and all I got were some clad coins which included the  2000 Sacajawea dollar. I suspect this large old park may hold old dollar coins as well, all I have to do is swing my coil over them.


2000 Sacajawea dollar

Isn't she lovely...

Sacajawea dollar coin reverse


Thank you for looking.