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Up In Smoke

26 Jul

Metal detecting with the XP Deus metal detector is not always glamorous.

Some hunts I find absolutely nothing. Some hunts I find a few coins and some paraphernalia.

various modern coins and a home-made pot pipe

Not enough money to fill the pipe

I wished I had saved all the pot pipes I’ve found since I started. I think I am to seven or so. Some were the fancy type that you buy on the Internet. This one is home made and I think it has more character. And if I am going to find pipes, better that they be pot pipes than crack pipes. I find crack pipes once a week it seems. I also find plenty of spoons with the little burn mark at the bottom of the spoon bowl.

(here was a whole rant about the demonization of marijuana and all the lies that go with it but, alas, this is a metal detecting blog so I erased it)

It is very hard to be a casual hunter and find silver and gold. You really have to put in the time to find silver these days. Sigh! my detecting time is going to diminish even more as soon as the boys go back to school.

Thank you for looking!