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Yay! A Silver!

12 Aug

I actually found this little guy a week ago while doing a noble job for a church here in town. The Wheat State Treasure Hunters metal detecting club met at a local church to do a bit of community service and help them locate some lost items. They kindly told us we could keep all the coins we found and I think by the end of the day, 8 or 9 silver coins were found by various club members.

For me, it had been a while since I found my last silver coin. I can’t even take a whole lot of credit for finding this coin with Maurice as I saw it before I ran the coil over it. The 1943 War Nickel was laying all naked and pretty at the foot of a very old tree, obviously washed out by the rain.

Be that as it may, finding this coin got me all excited about metal detecting again, so hopefully there will be more of these in the future.



I’m just waiting…

13 Feb

After a slew of ridiculously cold days followed by inches and inches of snow, Maurice and I are just sitting around collecting dust. I have done some cool things related to the hobby however: I attended a club meeting and got to chew the fat with the fellas and the gals and I was part of the second metal detecting class we gave for the city.

The class was a rotund success. We had a full house with people on the waiting list (!). Never would have guessed this hobby would draw that many people to a class. Some of the guys from the club really shined at the class. We may do another one in April but we haven’t decided yet.

Then I began a cool project with Steve Ukena that is yet to really take off. This one is a winner I tell you.

Still, I sure would like to unleash Maurice on them parks. Sigh!