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Wichita Intra-Mural

28 Jan

Today, I met lawdog1 from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum at a local park for a lunch-hour hunt. In the interest of public relations, we decided not to use our shovels to dig in this park. Unfortunately, the dirt there was tricky and hard to dig in. Or maybe I am a spoiled wimp who cannot dig a hole anymore without his shovel.

At any rate, the park has lots and lots of iron and so I was in signal heaven but unable to dig a hole deeper than five inches. Eventually I hit a signal that was in the six inch range and I was able to extract it





I am surprised I didn’t break the pin off as I often do with this things. There is no year anywhere on the pin but it looks old. I need to research it a little more. The park opened in 1920 but I am sure it was used by people before then.

I wish I could carry my shovel at this park without fearing a mob uprising. I am sure there are some old cool coins mixed with all that deep rusty iron.

Thank you for looking!


Egypt in the Midwest

8 Aug

I finally got to metal detect again with my XP Deus metal detector. At lunch time today, I stopped at an empty lot near downtown Wichita. I have driven by this lot for a long time and finally decided to stop and see what I could find. Right away I found a 1946 wheat cent. Promising!

Then I found some clad and on my way to the car I got a copper cent signal using the Deus Fast program. I use the Deus Fast because I mostly hunt very trashy places. Anyway, I didn’t find another wheat but I found a cool copper belt. I’ll have to go back to see if the rest of it is somewhere in the lot.

various metal objects

Egypt in a belt

I think this belt was bought somewhere around Cairo back in the 40’s or 50’s. I can just see the vendor selling trinkets to the tourists. There are no markings anywhere on the belt so either this was made in some little shop in Egypt or the part with the markings is still somewhere in the empty lot.

small copper plate with Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx

Surely made for the tourists!

Thank you for looking!