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Why do I do it??

29 Aug

After several weeks of not even looking at my detectors, I finally went out for a four hour hunt. It was glorious. I dug up what seemed like a thousand holes and found only ONE thing even mildly interesting: a tiny silver-coated locket. I don’t have a picture of it but it is round and it has a hinge so I assume I’ll be able to open it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I had a great time alone in the park, answering the call of the tones as sailors of old answered the call of the sirens. Among the legion of trash, I dug up a handful of center-fired bullet cartridges (probably 25’s, although I am no expert) wondering once again if it was legal to shoot your gun at the park back in the 30’s and 40’s. Also, I unearthed a couple of very rusted square nails and about 30 lbs of aluminum foil. OK, OK, I didn’t really weigh it.

So, any reasonable person would ask, why do you this? It is sheer madness to spend 4 hours digging for naught but trash. What can I say, it’s a detectorist’s thing.

I cannot speak for anyone else but for me, it really is about satisfying the 9 year old inside me. Yep, now you know it; I never grew up. That tiny locket is all I needed as a reward. Sure, a couple of old coins would have been nice too but the locket will do. I can’t wait to open it and see what could possibly fit in it.

There is much more of course. The wind, the trees, the squirrel that humorously and noisily gnawed on a black walnut (I think) right above me as I was trying to decide whether to dig or not, and so on. But at the end, I spent 4 hours just for the sheer curiosity of it.

No one else will know what’s buried in the parks. Only those of us afflicted by this weird sickness can know. And there are so many interesting things buried; each with a story.
I mean, back in August of 2011, I was detecting the banks of the Arkansas when I dug up a golden coin. I still vividly remember the excitement. I even remember that, convinced it was a gold coin in the hole, I looked around to make sure no one else saw the bounty I was about to receive. Alas, it was not a gold coin but a shekel. In fact I dug up fifteen of them from that hole.
The coins were from the 90’s and worth about $5 American. What in the world were 15 Israeli coins doing buried in the mud of the Arkansas?

I will never know but no other person in my beloved city can even begin to ponder this mystery. Only me.

And that’s why I do it.

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Renten Pfennig

30 Jun

I love finding old foreign money. This morning I found this cool Renten Pfennig coin from Germany. It is from 1929 and it’s in very good shape. In size, it is just a tad smaller than a U.S. dime.



To date I have found coins from China, Israel, France, Canada, Italy, Mexico, and now, Germany. I think it would be extremely cool to find an old silver foreign coin.

Also, in my hunts, I find many, many pieces of old brass and copper that never make it to the blog. This morning I found this odd piece of brass at the park. It was fairly deep so I surmise that it harkens back to the early days of the park. I have no idea what it is but I love how we used to decorate even the smallest pieces of whatever back in the day. This whatsit is about the size of a U.S. quarter.


Thank you for looking!

The XP Deus Is King!

14 May

Today for lunch, I returned to the park where yesterday I found a Roosevelt dime. When I got there, I remembered that there was a spot where I found an Indian Head cent almost exactly one year ago.

At that spot, there was a house back in the day and I thought I had the front yard and the back yard all figured out. After I found the Indian Head, I gridded the area carefully with the AT Pro and found nothing else. Later in the year, I returned to the same spot with my White’s V3i and again, found nothing more.

Curious to see if Maurice could do better, I began swinging and in a space of a couple of minutes I had two shallow wheats. Wow! I continued and in less than 10 minutes I found my first silver of the day:

1943-obverse 1943-reverse

A 1943 D war nickel at about 6.5 inches deep. Incredible.

I hunted the same spot carefully although not gridding and bam! I got a very faint whisper that repeated nicely from all sides. I cut the plug and at around 8 inches and on the side of the hole I found a 1928 D Mercury dime:


I just cannot believe it. I missed all these coins (by then I had four wheats in my pocket) with the Pro and the V3i.

But not with the Deus!

Towards the end of my hunt I found what I believed was a token but I was wrong. It was a 1918 10 centimes French coin:



This coin was first minted in 1917 and was last minted in 1938. A cool coin of a common date. I always wonder how coins like this come to be in our fair city.

So at the end, I ended up with a number of coins that I COMPLETELY missed with my other detectors. This is why I am having to re-hunt every spot with Maurice.


Thank you for looking!