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2017…where are the posts!?

8 Feb

I hope everyone is having a great year so far.

Me, I have not even looked at Maurice, or Dragomir, or the Mighty Compadre. I have been somewhat distracted by other issues but I am slowly emerging from that and I hope to start detecting again soon.

We’ve had a few nice days this Winter but alas, I couldn’t make it out.

This year I am really aiming at buying a new detector. I have spoken about it before and no, I am not abandoning the XP Deus. I have been searching for a detector for a very specific type of hunting. I thought I had it with the Blisstool but although the machine delivers what it promises, I never used it enough last year to really extract the benefits. Meanwhile, a new Russian machine has come into play and just recently, a dealer in the U.S. began carrying it. It’s an advanced machine and this is reflected in the price. With a wife and two young ones, I have to maneuver financially to come up with the money. My plan is to work the Deus hard to raise the funds.

Anyway, if you see me out there disturbing the soil, feel free to stop by and say hi.

Thank you for stopping by!

Back in business

4 May

I hunt with the V3i. I hunt for deep stuff. I mean, I go for stuff nine, ten, eleven inches or deeper. Trying to get there with the Lesche digger is just not nice.

For those signals, I relied on my Sampson T-handle digger. I could dig ten inches down with that shovel in a second flat. But alas! I left it in the park one too many times and my luck finally ran out. Problem was, I always laid it down to unlock the car and after I put the detector in the car and every thing else, I often forgot the shovel. Every time I was able to notice or remember within the hour and recovered it. Except when I didn’t.

So I’ve been passing up deeps signals right and left since the unfortunate morning when I lost my Sampson. But not anymore! Look at what I just ordered! ┬áRaptor, model 31, from Predator Tools. Yeah!


That’s not a digger; THIS is a digger!!!

Eight inch blade and made to cut a plug and scoop dirt. Plus, it comes with a sheath so no leaving it at the park!

Thank you for looking!