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Big Silver!

28 Oct

I went to McAdams park this morning to finish hunting the spot where I found the Mercury dime yesterday. Fifteen minutes or so into the hunt I got a signal that sounded right but the VDI on the AT Pro jumped from 82 to 95 and every number in between. Thinking it may be a bottle cap I cut and flipped the plug. The Garrett Propointer indicated that the target was on the side of the hole and about four or five inches deep. I stuck my Lesche to retrieve and this huge silver disc jumps out. Man, was I grinning! Although the coin was covered with dirt, I could see the year; 1948, and I knew right away I had a Ben Franklin half. This is my first Ben Franklin and coin #31 for the year.

1948 Ben Franklin half fresh out of the ground

You can't see Ben yet but the year, 1948, gives the coin away

1948 Ben Franklin half dollar obverse

There he is

1948 Ben Franklin half dollar reverse

...and the reverse

Thank you for looking!