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First Indian coin spill

15 Mar

I returned to my beloved hobby after being given the all-clear from the doctor. Now that we are doing therapy, he said I could return to my normal activities.

Well, it may be a stretch to call metal detecting a normal activity but I dusted off Maurice and hit my deep silver park. I did my first hunt yesterday and I managed to dig up a 1909 wheat. No VDB nor a mint mark on it unfortunately but still, it was the oldest coin I had ever dug from the deep silver park. This park hearkens back to 1901 and I have always been convinced there were old coins there even if I never found any.

Today, I went back to the spot where I found that 1909 wheat and eventually got a choppy signal next to some trash. At about the eight inch mark, I pulled a 1902 Indian Head! I was grinning like a fool. Just a minute or so before, a group of 10 year olds came by to check out what I was doing. Too bad they left before they could see the cool Indian Head. Before I covered the hole, I stuck the pinpointer in and I got another hit. That signal proved to be an 1883 Indian Head! My first ever Indian Head coin spill.


I only wish they had dropped a Barber coin or a Seated!

Oh well, it was not a bad lunch hour hunt.

Thank you for looking!

Another Indian Head cent

15 Feb

At lunch today, I dug up this 1902 Indian Head cent. The signal wasn’t perfect but it had enough of a sweet quality to it that I decided to dig it. The coin was about 7 inches down. Also from the hole I pulled a couple of small aluminum foil pieces that may have been responsible for the signal being ugly and perhaps, they may have been the reason other hunters left this coin in the ground.


This is Indian Head cent number two for the year. Last year I found nine of these. I wonder if I can do better this year.

I haven’t found silver in almost two weeks now but I am sure there is some old silver in this park. Incidentally, I have been to this park dozens of times before but I began finding coins here only in the last six or so times.

Thank you for looking!