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Bracelet and token

19 Dec

I went out hunting this evening for two whole hours. I had planned on going to an old park that holds promise for old coins but at the last minute I made a change to my plans and instead went to the soccer field where I found the pre-1900 shipping tag.

If you’ve read some of my older posts, you may know that I am now actively looking for gold by digging mid tones. The soccer field has been in use for a couple of decades and there is a chance that there is gold there. Today however, I did not find any gold nor did I find any silver. I managed to find some clad, a ton of pull tabs, old beaver-tail style and new square ones (I HATE the new square ones! They sound and look like a good target every time), a brass bracelet about 5 inches down and a sobriety token written in Spanish.

brass child's bracelet and sobriety token

No gold nor silver; just brass

The legend above and below the Phoenix in the token reads: “Rebirth and growth from the ashes of addiction”. The reverse side of the token has the Serenity Prayer in Spanish. The token is the same size as a U.S. half dollar coin.
Judging by the size of the bracelet, it is a child’s bracelet. I found the bracelet in the original baseball diamond built in the 50’s when the school was built. I have hopes of finding silver there still.

We are expecting a winter storm to hit tomorrow –Dec 19, or the day after. After that we will have some more sunny days. I may still get 35 silver coins for the year (I have 33 as of today), or actually half the year since I started detecting in the very last days of May 2011.

Thank you for looking!

Finally, I got a hunt in –no gold

14 Nov

I went out for a lunch-time hunt today. The weather was perfect and I met two members from the Friendly Metal Detecting forum at the park. I hunted with my Ace 250 and I was digging every consistent mid tone. I found two nickels and a clad quarter plus the usual trash you find when you dig mid tones; pull tabs, can slaw, and foil. I know there is lots of gold in that park and I aim to get it all.


Getting in touch with my inner foil

29 Sep

I decided that from now until October 30th of this year, I will dig every repeatable foil signal with a consistent VDI. Why? Because I want gold and lots of it.

Somebody posted a list of all the gold/platinum that they have found with the AT Pro on the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum  with the corresponding VDI number for each piece.  I took those VDI numbers and built a basic frequency chart. See for yourself why I decided that I needed to dig those foil signals.

The methodology is simple. Dig every foil signal with a VDI of 42 to 49 that has a nice solid tone and a consistent VDI that doesn’t change by more than one number, i.e. 42-43 or 47-48, etc. Also, dig every nickel signal using the same criteria. Here is a picture of the results of the first night of the Great Gold Hunt of 2011.

picture of foil

Every object here met the criteria

Ok, so there are some bottle caps that came in around 77. My wedding band comes in at 77 in the AT Pro. The pull tabs came in at 51-52 or 52-53 which is a nickel reading on the Pro.

Here is the frequency chart mentioned above.

Frequency chart

Use this chart as a starting point.

Third silver in a row

28 Sep

Since I started metal detecting I have hunted every lunch hour, well almost, sometimes I have to run errands.
Today I went to McAdams park again at lunch time and found the front of an old silver locket. It read 81-82 on my AT Pro and it was about 6.5 inches deep. Although it has no Sterling nor .925 stamp, it is unmistakably silver. The front is a bit tarnished. The design seems an old one. It could be old, after all, the park became a park in 1901.  It is the third consecutive hunt in this park and the third consecutive silver piece I find here. Now I will expect silver every time I go there.

Part of a silver locket

It looks old

back of the silver locket piece

The back is hardly tarnished at all