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Another British Invasion?

29 Dec

I returned to the spot where I found the gold button from the Royal Army Pay Corps and although I did not find gold again, I did find this curious medal, about the size of  a U.S. dime:

Unfortunately, I broke it into three pieces when I dug it up and I misplaced the third piece but you can see most of the medal. It says: “Queen Elizabeth The Second” and it includes a profile of the queen.

Something brought subjects of the Crown to my beloved city and during their sojourn they dropped some items for me to find later. Now I am really curious as to what else is under that dirt.

I’ll say this again; people who don’t metal detect will never encounter these mysteries and their lives will be duller.

Thank you for stopping by.


Wednesday Evening V nickel

19 Jun

I had some free time this evening so I headed to the park to continue investigating all the new features on my XP Deus metal detector.

I was specifically looking for pull tab signals hoping for some gold. No gold was found but I did find this cool 1902 V nickel:


I knew I was in an old spot because after the nickel I found Dr. Scholl Footeazer, patented in July 25, 1905.
The Footeazer is a shoe insert. The picture below shows the underside of it. On the top, the Footeazer had a surface of leather or cloth. The bottom part was supposed to spring as the user walked.


Before my time was up, I found this medal:


It needs better cleaning but I can see that it is a Wichita Kansas Scottish Rite Temple medal. The reverse is still too encrusted with dirt to see what’s written on it or what emblem is depicted.
From what I can tell, this medal stems from the 20’s and it may have been a visitor’s medal. Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

srt-medal 2

srt-medal 1

Now, I think my version of the metal may be older because of the style of the name tag. An interesting bit here is that the temple depicted on the medal, shows that the tower in the corner of the building has a copula; when you visit the temple today, the tower has no cupola anymore. I wonder what happened to it? The Scottish Rite Temple depicted in this medal was built in 1887.

I am definitely getting used to the full tones feature of the Deus. Now I need to figure out how to exploit the deeper capabilities of the machine.

Thank you for looking!