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Evening gold

9 Jan

The second gold of the year comes in the form of microgold. I stopped at Riverside park on my way home to release a little stress with Maurice. I was swinging along when I got a deep buzz. Usually, a deep buzz turns out to be non-iron, non-trash. Maurice said the target was somewhere in the eight to nine inch depth range so using my new shovel (he he he, I love my shovel) I dug a nine inch hole with an intact plug.

When I put the pinpointer in the hole all I got was silence. I then scanned the plug with the pinpointer and somewhere around the five inch mark I found this:


I couldn’t see any obvious corrosion at the park but then again it was getting dark and the piece was dirty. When I got home I cleaned it and looked for markings but found none. I also found no corrosion. The acid test revealed it to be 10K gold.

I am nothing but impressed with the Deus. It picked this up even though I don’t swing slow with the Deus because of the detector’s legendary recovery speed. And even though the signal was a buzz (not a grunt), the buzz was consistent and repeatable.

I also found three buttons during this hunt, one possibly very old but not in very good shape.

Thank you for looking!


Micro gold and the AT Pro

3 Jun

I went out to the Iron Pit again this afternoon. I hunted for three hours and added so many pull tabs to the gallon jar that I am now half way to full. Besides a Jefferson nickel, I found a tiny gold chain clasp.

At the Iron Pit, I run the AT Pro with the sensitivity at four bars and iron discrimination at 35. I do this to deal with the vast amounts of rusted iron at the site. So I was swinging away when I got a very soft middle tone that would sound about every third swing. It was the quality of the sound that made me take notice. The Target ID (TID) was 35 and the depth indicated was six inches. Since I have no experience with deep gold I thought I’d dig it.

I dug a six inch hole but there was nothing at the bottom. I investigated the pile of dirt with the Propointer and I got zilch. Last, I ran the Pro over the hole and the dirt and I got a hit with a TID of 35. Whenever I saw a TID, it was 35. I then spent a few minutes running small amounts of dirt through the Propointer until I got a hit. I didn’t have to look anymore as I could see the beautiful yellow of gold.

gold chain clasp and U.S. dime

Tiny gold

The clasp actually had a couple of links attached but I lost them during further air testing. The air tests revealed that the coil had to be in contact with the clasp to get a toneĀ and a TID. I guess the clasp was barely beneath the soil and that’s how I detected it.

chain clasp close up

There is a chain and a pendant out there waiting for me…

From the look of the links that I lost, the chain that this clasp went with was very dainty. I did spend 20 minutes looking for the rest of this chain but I could not find it. I may try to find it again later when I am rested.

So now I know how incredibly difficult it is to detect micro gold. Were I not looking for mid tones, I would have never even considered investigating an iffy mid tone with a TID of 35. I am not surprised that the Pro alerted me to it since I have found tiny bird shot at depths of three and four inches with solid tones and TIDs.

Thank you for looking!