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P.I. in the sky? Maybe not!

11 Nov

I love metal detecting. I love metal detecting with my XP Deus. Since I’ve had this machine, I’ve had no desire for another. Yet, in the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to try a Pulse Induction (P.I.) machine.

The thing was, everybody and their brother kept saying that using a P.I. machine in a park was going to drive me to drink. I believed them and so I put the P.I. out of my mind. Recently however, I saw a video of a guy using a combination of a Very Low Frequency (VLF) machine and a PI machine to great effect while hunting a private yard. Then, Garrett released the ATX, their new PI machine. The idea of using a PI at a park began to come back to me. Now, I just read a review of the ATX that tells me it is time to dive into the time domain.

The review was written by someone who hunts almost exactly the way I do. He has been using the ATX on heavily mineralized soil in city parks and has began achieving success. Now, I know I am just getting to know the 11″ coil on the Deus but I definitely have sites where the ATX will compliment the Deus very well.

Although not inexpensive, the ATX is within reach. I may have to sell a few or all of my finds to finance it but I think I can do it. Maybe by March and ready for the Spring. I think I can! I think I can!

***I just realized that I may have given the erroneous impression that I will replace Maurice with Joe. No, no. no. I’m keeping Maurice forever. Joe will be an additional member of Team PullTabMiner***

Meet P.I. Joe!

Thank you for looking!