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Just ranting

16 Apr


When I began metal detecting nearly two years ago, my criteria for digging a signal was very narrow. So I found mostly clad. I found a lot of gold too but I credit the Ace250 for that in that many of my gold finds gave penny signals. But that’s a story for another time…

As I have grown in the hobby, my criteria has widened and now I find a lot of cool stuff. I am not yet at the top of my game which makes me very excited for the future.


I have been finding deep coins lately, especially since I began digging more wrap-around signals (I am also digging more iron but what you gonna do?). A lot of people seem to have a problem believing that there are coins in the 10 to 12 inch range. I don’t. Judging by the number of coins I’ve dug up at nine inches plus, I believe there is a treasure trove even deeper.


And speaking of deep coins, I wonder if anyone has ever recovered an 8 or 9 inch deep coin using a probe and a screwdriver? I don’t see how that’s possible but if it is, I would like to learn how.


This topic came up the other day. It is simply not possible to find anything once you lose the mind game. If you believe a place is no good then you will hunt it sloppily. You might as well pack it up and go home.


Has anything strange ever happened to you during a hunt? Here’s a list of things that have happened to me in two years of hunting:

1) Voice told me to dig there. I found a three nickel spill once because a voice in my head urgently told me to run my coil over a spot and dig.

2) Ghostly window rap. I was detecting the yard of an abandoned house when someone rapped on the window pane from inside the house. I looked and upon not seeing anyone there I continued to hunt only to have the rap again at the next window. I went in the house, followed by a man who was shadowing me during the hunt and neither one of us could find anyone in the house.

3) Whenever I take a deep breath and relax and defocus (more on this at a later time), I seem to find more stuff.

That’s it. It’s supposed to rain today so I may not get a chance to hunt at lunch.

Thank you for looking!

Why So Many Wheat Cents?

12 Feb

I am often mystified as to why I find so many more wheat cents than I find dimes while metal detecting. I counted my wheats for 2013 so far and I have 78. That’s a lot of wheat cents. Most of them hearken back to the 30’s and 40’s.

The obvious answer is that people carried more one cent coins than they did other currency in their pockets and thus they lost more one cent coins. The question that arises next is why. Why did people carry more one cent coins than any other currency?

It would be a mistake to try to answer that question with today’s eyes. Today, we carry one cent coins because in spite of the one cent coin being practically worthless, we still mint billions of them every year. Today, a one cent coin is more of an inconvenience that anything else. However, back in the 30’s and 40’s and even into the 50’s and 60’s, a one cent coin was real money.

Some discussions on the Internet bring back notions of penny candy and one penny for a loaf of bread. Someone posted in a forum that in the early 60’s, he could buy two pieces of candy for one cent. I myself, although growing up in a different country, remember receiving a dollar for delivering doughnuts in my bicycle in 1970 (I was six years old) and buying a candy bar with it. I got 95 cents in change! I ate candy for a week with that dollar. Also, in case you’re wondering, it was not uncommon where I grew up for children to have jobs as soon as the notion made sense in our little heads. The concept of a supermarket was relatively new and there were still many corner stores everywhere. The baker in my neighborhood employed us to deliver doughnuts and other pastries to these corners stores. Other jobs followed such as delivering papers, shoe shining, and selling candy from a friend’s house where his father graciously allowed us to make a makeshift candy store out of one of the rooms in his house. It was at this time that I discovered wholesale prices were a lot lower than retail prices LOL!

So people didn’t carry wheat cents in their pockets because they could not spend them on anything, they carried them because you could actually buy things with them. You could buy a soft drink with a few wheat cents. You could buy gum. You could buy a bus ride with a few wheat cents.

So now we can kind of see why people didn’t need to carry silver dimes or quarters. Carrying those denominations in your pocket would be a little like carrying $20 dollar bills today. I don’t carry $20’s because the only time I need that kind of cash is when I am going to the grocery store. If I am planning on eating lunch out, I carry a $10, or a $5.

Incidentally, we in the U.S. are not anywhere near eliminating the one cent coin. I hear rumors of the mint changing the composition of the one cent coin again, from zinc to a yet to be determined substitute, perhaps aluminum, perhaps tin or steel. Canada just a few days ago, officially killed the one cent coin.

Thus there is my theory: People lost more wheat cents because they carried more wheat cents; and people carried more wheat cents because you could actually buy things with them.

Thank you for looking!

The Big Hiatus

2 Aug

I haven’t detected in almost a week. I decided to use the time in the morning to practice for my first belt test in my Karate class. I don’t know when that will be. It’s up to the teacher to decide if I am doing well enough to test so I need to be doing well enough so I need to practice more.

This is the longest I have gone without detecting since I started and it feels strange. I drive by places and wish I had Maurice in the back of the car instead of in the house.


I will return to detecting at lunch time next week. I got a number of promising spots.

Thank you for looking!

Ruminations 5

25 Jul


Relic Hunter vs CoinShooter. Beach Hunter vs DryLander. Minelab vs Garrett. I have touched on this topic before. There is no difference! Whether you are ‘searchin for history’ (many people use this phrase) or simply looking for coins, we are the same animal. Let’s concentrate on the fundamentals instead of nitpicking.
1) Always cover your holes.
2) Dig plugs responsibly.
3) Respect public and private property.
4) Be courteous to the general public – no matter what.

I ran into this kind of thing when I used to fish. I remember going into a fly-fishing outfit to buy some neoprene gloves and being treated like dirt by the fly-fishermen at the store because I was a lure fisher. Come on. At the end of the day, we were all killing fish (and don’t kid yourself, catch and release doesn’t work, only 4% of the fish released survive the day).

IT’S HOT!!!!

Another day above 100 (104-106 expected). I’ve noticed even the biting fly population is down! Still, I was born in one of the hottest places on earth (the Great Sonoran Desert) and lived there until I was 15. So my body has some kind of built-in resistance to this and I hunt no matter what the temps are. The only drawback is the concrete-like soil!


This one is controversial. I want to be a good pal and include as many people as possible whenever I find a good site. However, there is only a handful of guys who will include me when they find a good site. I think I want to reward the guys who regularly include me.


Why aren’t there more girl hunters out there? I’ve met one in the whole 14 months I’ve been doing this. I know of another one but I never met her. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy hanging out with the guys but sometimes it is nice to talk to a girl.

Thank you for looking!

Ruminations 4

7 May

Deep is deeper than it used to be

Before I bought the Fisher CZ-3D, I heard a lot about how deep it went. Now that I own it, I can see that back in 2002 when it was first released, it was a deep detector indeed. In my soil, it can hit a dime at around eight inches deep. However, the V3i can hit the same dime at ten inches with a coil of similar size. I hear that the Etrac, the Fisher F75, and other new machines out there can hit a dime at ten inches as well.

It’s a different game nowadays. Gone are the days when one could find silver laying around. At least around here, it is often necessary to go beyond the seven inch level to get a Barber dime out of a park. So yes, in 2002, eight inches was deep. In 2012, ten inches is deep. Deep is deeper than it used to be.


When  I began metal detecting last year, the metal detecting forums were new and exciting. I learned a lot by reading posts. Lately however, I have been sticking to reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube.

I will happily answer any messages from new hunters and help them in any way I can but my zeal for posting my finds on the forums has died.

New machines

There is a new machine by Minelab. I don’t know that this machine represents a leap forward. Rather, it seems like small improvements here and there. Niche Improvements is what someone else called them.
Rumor has it that Fisher may be releasing a new machine later this year.
I wonder how much longer until we see a paradigm shift in this hobby.


Since last May, I’ve got to experience something relatively new to me: friends. I am still learning about this new having-friends thing; the ebb and flow. I seem to lose contact with some for a little while only to reconnect later.  I need to make a better effort to stay in touch.

Thank you for looking!

The old man and the signal

4 Apr

The thing about this hobby is that when you are hunting you are alone. No matter what, it is you and the signal. It is a private dance between you and the sounds coming from the machine. So it begs the question, do we do this because we like that solitude?

I mean, yes, finding stuff is really the most obvious reason why we do this but is the only reason? Is it even the most important reason? Why else would I endure hours of hunting even when I am not finding anything?

And this brings me to the title of this post. Lately, it seems that my close knit group of hunting friends has collapsed and I don’t know if this is just us wanting our solitude, sort of like the protagonist of Hemingway’s novel, or if there is something else happening. I haven’t been in this hobby long enough to know for sure. If I take my own behavior as an example, I am apt to think that this is temporary and that sometime this year we will all be back to hunting and having a good time. I hope so.

Thank you for looking!

Ruminations 3 – Crazy silver theories

13 Feb

Crazy Silver Theory #1

This theory involves gold as well. The first time I held a silver dollar coin, something clicked inside my brain. A long forgotten, and rusty from disuse gear began to whir inside my head as I weighted that magnificent part of our numismatic past on my hand. It was enough to get me to return to that coin dealer’s place every payday to buy silver coins. 90 percent or junk silver (although I’ve long since stopped calling it this) accumulated in my plastic box at home until I had enough to trade it for gold coins. Now, if you get a chance, buy a gold coin and behold the thing. Tell me if that most ancient of feelings doesn’t come to you. It will. Gold and Man have had a magical relationship for thousands of years. I contend that touching gold on a regular basis, awakens the merchant inside all of us. Prosperity soon follows. Gold will get your money-making mechanisms going.

1922 silver dollar

five dollar gold coin

At one time, we carried these in our pockets

At one time in our country’s history, we carried gold as currency. We touched it. We traded with it. We became a powerful and prosperous nation. But no more. Now we carry paper and the workings of our economy are shrouded in mystery and hidden from us. To our detriment. Now only corporations prosper; punctuated here and there by the lone individual, the Warren Buffet, the Bill Gates. Most of us now linger definitely in the lower Middle class. Always and forever living paycheck to paycheck or very close to it. Subdued by heavy personal debt.

Buy a gold coin. Liberate yourself.

Crazy Silver Theory #2

I contend as well, that on top of antibiotic abuse, another reason why we have super bugs is that we no longer handle silver on a daily basis. Think about it now. Silver is the, hmmm…well, the silver bullet when it comes to killing germs. Nothing survives it. Bugs cannot build resistance to it. They just die when they touch the stuff.
I read somewhere that the U.S. Army was considering sawing silver thread into the socks worn by our soldiers to stop foot infections such as foot rot.
And prior to 1965, we touched silver every day. We got silver molecules onto our skin and then rubbed our eyes and picked our noses and transferred the beneficial silver ions onto our internal system. Silver probably floated in the air and accumulated on every day objects. All that stopped when we began making clad coinage.

silver coins

90 percent silver goodness

And now we have super bugs. I know, you may be right. I may be crazy. But then again…

Thank you for looking!