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American Airlines Junior Pilot Ring

5 Jul

I went metal detecting with my Tesoro Compadre this morning. My intent was to clean an area at the park of any pull tabs within the first five inches of ground.

As I was digging a pull tab signal I found this:

Child's brass ring

Not a pull tab

Wing motif on the side of ring

Cool motif

A quick Google search reveals that this ring probably dates to the 40’s or early 50’s. Some people suggest this ring may have come from a cereal box.

***UPDATE*** I now have anecdotal evidence that these rings were given out even into the 1960’s. Kids got them from the pilots when they visited the cockpit and also they got them from the stewardesses***

At any rate, rings are very personal relics and a ring like this always makes me wonder about the person who wore it. They also had Junior Stewardess rings for girls (it was the 50’s after all!) but I believe this ring may have belonged to a girl because a Girl Scout camp stood for many years where I found this ring. I wonder if the person who got this ring as a child is still alive. I wonder if they remember getting this ring and if they sometimes wish they hadn’t lost it.

I think it’s a very cool ring.

Thank you for looking!


Half a gold ring

24 Feb

I did not find the other half of the ring. The markings are very hard to read. It may be a 10K ring. I will test it when I get home this afternoon. It doesn’t appear to be plated but the pearl may be fake. Do real pearls peel? 😀


After looking at the markings for a while it suddenly became clear what they say: HONG KONG.

Although I see no evidence of plating, I will count this ring as plated as I believe that’s what this is.


I am hunting with the V3i on Best Data. The 22.5kHz frequency and the 7.5 kHz frequency lined up but the 2.5kHz frequency was off on the rejected negative VDI range. When I pinpointed, the dominant frequencies were the 22.5kHz and the 7.5kHz very much even while the 2.5kHz was a small green bar. The ring was about six inches deep, which tells me it was dropped a while ago. I didn’t break the ring, I think it was a lawnmower casualty.

Thank you for looking!

Silver coins plus a ring

25 Oct

I had a good lunch-time hunt today. I decided to go back to the original area I hit when I first began detecting in this park. I am very excited because I just began to cover this new spot and I already found two silver dimes and what I am sure is a silver ring even though the ring has no stamps on it.

Two silver dimes and a silver ring

Three silvers. Who knew my AT Pro was a silver seeking machine?