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The Old Standby

30 Jul

I am glad to have a standby park that will provide me with silver in lean times. I have spoken about this park extensively in the past and I am happy to know that other people have began to hunt it besides me. I know there are 1000’s of coins still under that dirt, alas, a little too deep for most detectors today. I plan on buying a Russian detector later this year that will hopefully get me to those coins.

Anyway, I decided to hunt the ol’ standby at lunch today in spite of a light drizzle falling and getting everything wet. By the way, the XP Deus is almost water proof as the stock headphones are rain proof. If you remove the controller and put it in your pocket (or in a zip lock bag) you’re good to go in the rain.

It was a good hunt:


A dateless Buffalo (only the second one this year), a 1946 wheat, and a 1958 Roosevelt dime. The button is kind of cool too. It reminds me of the coat buttons of the 50’s and 60’s.

So this year has been very different than last year, both in the time dedicated to the hobby and in the number of finds but I won’t complain too much as I am very blessed elsewhere. Perhaps this year will be a year of quality instead of quantity. I mean, I already found a Shield nickel, who knows what else is around the corner?

Keep on swinging!



First hunt of 2014

1 Jan

Although we were expecting snow today, it was not to happen until the afternoon so I grabbed Maurice and headed into 2014 full of hope. I went to the same school I went to last year on my first hunt of 2013. The school campus is so large that there had to be a keeper or two left.

After about an hour of digging clad, I got a sweet signal and I went for it. I will never get tired of seeing that edge in the coin ball”

The winner of 2014’s first silver coin of the year is a 1947D Roosevelt dime:

Next I found a cool holed token. This token was made by the Pace Manufacturing Company from 1927 until the 1940’s. It went into vending machines also made by the same company, such as the Bantam Mint Vending machine. The vending machines also doubled as slot machines in that after you made the purchase, you also could get tokens back that could be traded for merchandise. It was a clever way to get around anti-gambling laws:


I spent two hours at the school and I left as I did last year feeling that I haven’t yet even scratched the surface. By the way, I found 10 nickels.

So we are off.

Thank you for looking

I am thankful for…silver!

28 Nov

After we had eaten our fill and everyone gathered in groups to gossip, er… I mean to catch up on family stuff, I silently exited the building, grabbed Maurice from the car, and headed across the street to a row of houses that looked to be empty. I wasn’t planning on hunting the yards since they were tiny and overgrown; no, I had the grass strip in my cross hairs. Interestingly, the original sidewalk from the mid to late 1800’s was still there but buried under 8 to 9 inches of dirt! I knew that the coins I really wanted were now beyond my reach but there were still plenty of targets in the soil covering the sidewalk.

I wished I had more time but I won’t complain about my take: two wheats from the 40’s, a bunch of clad, and three silver dimes from 1960, 1961, and 1962:


It sure felt good to hit silver again. I think I may arrange to hunt this town again. I know there is a hunter here who is kinda legendary but obviously he hasn’t cleaned out every spot.

Thank you for looking!

Finally, a hunt!

18 Sep

After a week of no hunting, I finally was able to take Maurice for a spin. For my triumphant return, I chose to hunt my tried and true deep silver park at lunch time yesterday. I selected an area that I have hit numerous times in the past but had not hunted in the last six months or so. Not five minutes into the hunt I got a super sweet signal with a classic silver dime VDI. It is very rare for me to get this kind of signal but I wasn’t about to complaint:


It just warms my heart to see this sight!


Out of the hole came a 1948 Roosevelt dime. Afterwards,  I found a pretty piece of old bling (not pictured) and a 1919 wheat cent and nothing else but I went back to work happy.

Thank you for looking!

I Was Not Supposed To But I Did

2 Jun

I had written off detecting for the first day of June. I had a big commitment for the first part of the day and a bbq at a friend’s house in the latter part.

However, when we arrived at the bbq, I was pleasantly surprised to find a home from the 40’s and a large yard with nary a blade of grass to be seen!

I thus asked my friend if I could detect the back yard while the other guests arrived. He said I was welcomed to the whole thing!

It took nearly an hour but I eventually found a 1953 Roosevelt dime along with a couple of wheats. I barely covered the back yard. Later, I spent a few minutes in the front yard but I found no more coins.


Thank you for looking!

Lunch Time Rosie

13 May

I took my XP Deus metal detector to a park that I have hunted in the past with other detectors with not much luck. The park is over 100 years old but it is small and most of the space is taken up by amenities such as play equipment, bathrooms, fountains, etc. Still, I found an Indian Head there last year so I went looking for my Seated coin.

No seated to be had but at four inches deep I found this 1952 Roosevelt dime:



This makes silver coin number 28 for the year. I need to find 12 more this month if I want to stay in pace for 100 in 2013.

Thank you for looking!

A rewarding hunt

10 May

Met up with friends today to hunt an old park. We hunted for 6 hours and although the morning started cool and cloudy, the sun eventually came out and the day turned into a beautiful Spring day.

For my part, I dug up two silver Roosevelt dimes and two Indian Head cents. The silvers were shallow, both at about 4 inches deep but the Indians were much deeper at around 8 inches. Try as I may, I could not find the Seated coin I went looking for.

Nonetheless, I LOVE seeing the silver coins when they first come out of the ground. I particularly love to see the edge of a silver coin sticking out of a dirt ball.




For now, my first Seated coin is still in the ground; somewhere.

Thank you for looking!

Another One To The Pile

13 Apr

I had some time to hunt early this morning so I headed to my deep silver park to grid the area where I found a Merc and a bunch of wheats. I spent two hours digging holes in a glorious Spring morning.

After two hours however, I had 12 wheats and a dateless buffalo to my name. I decided to move to a different spot in the park but before I left, I dug a really cool pin with words that said “Keek ’em flying”. I wonder if it is a WWII period pin.

Anyway, I went to the new spot and not two minutes into it, I got a text-book signal that screamed silver dime. I hardly ever get these kinds of signals so I dug a hole and somewhere within the first 7 inches of dirt out came a 1964 Roosevelt dime.

1964-dirty 1964


I was tired by then but that dime made my morning.  I finished my hunt by finding a 10K gold (plated) ring.

On my way to the car, I hit a spot where Maurice lit up like a railroad crossing sign. There must have been 20 to 30 signals. Penny signals, dime signals, quarter signals. All very shallow. I dug one up just to see and sure enough, it was a memorial cent. I was just too tired to dig anymore! I left the signals for tomorrow, if I get to hunt at all.



Thank you for looking!

Silver; finally!

17 Feb

I went out today with my Deus metal detector and with the express goal of ending my two week silver slump.

The first target worth mentioning was a  cool Buffalo Nickel with no visible date. I love finding these. I didn’t keep count of them last year but I will this year.


Before I covered the hole, I stuck the pinpointer in to check for additional targets and I got another hit. I was hoping for a silver coin but what I got was pretty cool too.


I feel bad for the little boy who lost both his nickel and his cool pony badge. After I cleaned it, it still had some of the golden gild on it.

After a little while I got a sweet signal mixed with mid tones with a jumpy VDI. I almost didn’t dig it but the sweet part of the signal convinced me to go for it and I am glad I did! Had I kept on walking, I would have missed a 1943 war nickel.

A few minutes later, in a section I’ve hit many, many times before. I got a strong dime signal. Expecting a clad dime, I got a 1961 Rosie instead, only about five inches deep. I sure do love to see that dirty silver disc poking through the dirt!


It’s unusual for silver coins to be this shallow at this park and I sure don’t understand how it is I missed it before.



Not too bad for a 2.5 hour hunt.


Not pictured here are the pulltabs (I was looking for gold as well) and the wine screw caps that sound ever so sweet when they are deep.

Thank you for looking!

Metal Detecting Super Stud

5 Feb

Maurice and I are working on the Metal Detecting Super Stud thing.

I took Maurice to the park for lunch and found silver coin number 10 for the year.





I don’t know why I only find silver coins one at a time. The silver coins are there, so why am I not finding more of them every hunt? I suspect the answer has something to do with Psychology. Maybe once I find one silver coin, I am satisfied and I stop looking hard for the next one. Oh well.

Thank you for looking!