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Some times it just don’t make sense

14 Apr

The scenario was thus: a block of houses from way back then (at least one was turn of the century) was torn down. Seemingly, the school district is expanding one of the local schools. I wanted to detect these houses for at least two years. A soccer field just north of these houses has produced indians and a few very old relics. The houses sat in a area of town most people would not think to look for old houses. I mean, the school in question harkens back to the late 50’s. Then, the houses were surrounded by a wall of trees and vegetation that made it near impossible to see the houses at all.

So, I went there Sunday evening as the opportunity arose for me to shake the dust off Maurice. I got there and most of the ancient trees and shrubbery had been knocked down. Still, there were some open areas to run the coil over. Two minutes into the hunt, I got a nice, shallow quarter signal and I extracted, with no small amount of joy, a 1944 Washington quarter. Nice!

Feeling like I hit the mother load, I spent three more hours in the cold, yes, we got snow in freaking mid April, but all I managed after the quarter were a couple of wheats and some clad. Sigh! I hope that I get to hunt these lots once more after they clear all the tree debris and before they do whatever they are going to do there.

Thank you for looking!


Opportunity knocks

27 Oct

Today, the vicissitudes of life allowed me to take Maurice, my XP Deus metal detector, for a spin at the park. While I was there, I met a fellow Friendly Forum member from Dodge City. I hope he found lots of goodies.

And so I thought that was it for hunting for me for the day. However, as I was driving to pick up my son from a birthday party he had attended, I drove past an area of town that I hunted earlier during the year and saw that they had torn up one of the oldest streets in the city. I still had 15 minutes before the party was over so I stomped on the breaks, grabbed Maurice and hit the tear up for a blissful 10 minutes. In that time, I got an unmistakable quarter signal at a very shallow depth. I dug the hole and that grandest of geometrical figures appeared. It took me a second to realize what I had because the coin had been under that street for a very long time:


Yep, that’s a 1896 Barber quarter minted in Philadelphia (no mint mark). It has little to no wear which means it saw very little circulation before it was dropped.

So after I picked up my son, I went home and I was so agitated about having this opportunity that I was given permission to go back for 30 more minutes.

After 30 minutes, I had one 1906 Indian Head penny, one 1920 wheat, one 1952D wheat, and one wheat with an undetermined mint mark. At first I thought I had two Indians but I was mistaken. Also, I thought the 1920 wheat was a 1916. Alas, it was a good hunt nonetheless. I barely scratched the surface. I hope the street is still available tomorrow!


Thank you for looking!

Old Coin Sandwich

18 Apr

I guess this is going to be a two post day.

And I guess I have to do a bit of explaining now. The other day, Tuesday night I think, I read a post on a Deus users forum whereas a well respected and acknowledged guru of the Deus recommended doing a couple of things to the Deus that run counter to popular opinion. What he recommends will kill some of the depth that I have been getting with the Deus lately BUT, the guru contends that being able to unmask the shallow to medium deep targets more than makes up for losing depth.

So yesterday, Wednesday, I took Maurice to the park to try these new settings even though, because of the rain, I wasn’t going to dig anything (couldn’t risk getting muddy as I work in an office and I see clients). In no more than 10 minutes I got 7 to 8 signals in a spot I’ve hunted A LOT that were not there before! I was ASTOUNDED. I was BEWILDERED. I was PARSIMONIOUS. (I don’t know what that last word means). I immediately called Steveouke to share this new thing with him. I know he knows the park I was at and I know he knows what a cruel mistress that park can be. Why, if I mined all the iron out of that park I may become a steel magnate. A rusty steel magnate.

But I didn’t dig any of the signals so who knows?!

Today, although I really didn’t have time to hunt at lunch time, I couldn’t resist the curiosity and I decided to hit the park again. It was cold and cloudy and the wind was probably blowing a good 15Mph but it wasn’t raining. I walked around the spot for a couple of minutes and I couldn’t find any of the signals from yesterday. Argghhhhh!!! Finally, I came upon a shallow signal with a VDI of 92 which at 12KHz on the Deus is a solid silver dime.
I thought to myself “This is not one of yesterdays signals but oh well”. I cut a 4 inch plug and at the bottom of the plug there was this mass with a shiny silver edge. My brain didn’t immediately understand what I was looking at:


It wasn’t until I looked at one of the smaller discs on each side of the shiny-edge circle that I saw it was a V nickel! What!!?? This bundle of joy was only 4 inches deep. How did I miss it before? I tell you how: IRON MASKING.

I called Stevouke and since he works only a couple of blocks away from this park, he asked that I come over so he could see the old coin sandwich.

We ran some hot water over it and we could see that one of the coins on the side was a Buffalo nickel and the other was a V nickel. But what was in the middle?


Ta- da! My second Stander of the year. Out of a park that to my knowledge has yielded no coins for a while (except to Maurice and I).

Both the Standing Liberty quarter and the Buffalo have no dates. Actually, you can see the last number of the date on the Buffalo and it is a 9.

The V nickel is dated 1908. That’s two V nickels out of this park in a week.

And I stuck to my guns and pulled silver out of here, which I’ve been telling Stevo I would.

Will this new setting hold? Will I find the other 8 signals that I am sure are coins again? Who invented liquid soap and why?

Stay tuned.

Thank you for looking!

Saturday morning

26 Jan

Excited as I was with my finds from yesterday, I decided to hunt early this morning before I had to go to my Karate class. I grabbed Maurice and headed into the cold morning with the aim of finding some deep silver at my deep silver park.

I returned to the spot where I found the war nickel and the wheats. I found more deep wheats and a good luck token:



Before I ran out of time, I decided to change spots and I am glad I did!


This Standing Liberty quarter gave me a rather faint signal. It was all of seven inches deep. I was surprised to find it in fact because I thought a quarter would give a stronger signal at that depth. It is worn and maybe that’s why. It may have also been at an odd angle. You can see faint stars under the eagle on the reverse so it is older than 1916.


This is the very first silver quarter I have found at this park in over a year and a half of hunting it. This is also my first silver quarter of 2013 and my first SLQ of 2013.

It was not a bad morning hunt.


Thank you for looking!

Four more!

2 Oct

This evening I hunted my neighbor’s yard. He had given me permission a while back but I was saving it for a day when I could not go anywhere else to hunt.

The whole neighborhood was built in the late 50’s and early 60’s so it’s not unusual for the yards to have silver coins in them. I haven’t found silver in my own yard yet but I did find a wheat cent and a silver ring. I just haven’t really hunted it.

The coins this evening were two 1964 Washington quarters, one 1962 Roosevelt dime, and one 1963 Roosevelt dime. The grand total for the day is five silver coins!

So now I am up to 17 silver coins for the year. I may still make it to 20, which is a goal I once considered impossible.

Thank you for looking.

four silver coins

The loot

Big grin :D

29 Sep

So I was sitting at my desk slowly sinking into a comma when I decided what I needed was a soda from the machine downstairs. I went to the change machine, put in a dollar bill and among my change I got this pretty thing:

1964 silver quarter


And this is after I found the 1954 silver dime at my lunch time hunt! (previous post)

I am having a silver kind of day!!!

My First Barber

12 Sep

My first ever Barber coin is a heavily tarnished 1899 Barber quarter.

I found it at a set of apartments downtown. I have hunted these apartments a couple of times before and I just knew there were old coins there.

This quarter was just below the surface. I am not surprised at the shallow depth however, because I found it on a slope and water has been washing off the dirt over the coin for God knows how long. And I am so proud I did not scratch it!

The AT Pro identified it correctly as a quarter, with a Target Id of 87-88.

1899 Barber quarter

Not pretty but awesome anyway

1899 Barber quarter reverse