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Nickelodeon and the mystery of the missing gold

28 Jan

I went out with my XP Deus metal detector the other day looking for cool stuff. As usual, I hit one of our city parks. Most of our city parks are hunted regularly so I am not surprised when I don’t find a lot of clad –or any clad, there.

This time however, I found a few dimes, a bunch of nickels, and even a quarter.


The clad was surprising but the nickels were not. Finding nickels with the Deus is child’s play. And since it seems that no one else digs nickel signals, there are always many left in any of our city parks.

The mystery to me is that with as many nickels as I dig, and 7 to 8 nickels a hunt is not unusual, why am I not finding lots of gold? I guess that speaks volumes about the volume of gold in our parks; that is, there is not much. Still, I will continue to dig nickel signals because Maurice makes it easy.

Oh, and I found my first silver ring of the year. About 6 inches down and gave a strong quarter signal. I’ll take it.


Because of the increased level of stress at my job this time of year, I find it necessary to resume my lunch hour hunts to clear my head. So much for the walking! LOL!

Thank you for looking!




Another Buffalo and a ring

31 Mar

March was a bad month for me as far as metal detecting goes. I hardly got out to hunt at all.

On this last day of March I managed to get out to the park for a couple of hours of quality time with Maurice.

After digging a number of small pieces of old brass I got a signal that was reading like a wheat or an Indian Head but instead was a dateless Buffalo nickel. Actually there is a date but it is hardly visible. It looks like a 1929 but I could be wrong. On my way back to the car, I got another signal I thought would be a wheat or an Indian but it turned out to be a small silver ring.




So I ended the month with a cool coin and some silver. Here’s hoping that I can hunt more in April!

Thank you for looking.


A small silver ring

24 Jan

Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, the only silver comes in the form of a ring. This one read like a half-dollar on my XP Deus metall detector. It is very heavy so I suppose that’s the reason for the high reading.




The stamp reads MEX 925

Thank you for looking!


Getting to know you

19 Jan

I took my XP Deus out for a spin this afternoon. With the temperature above 60 degrees and the sun shining fully I had to get out.

As it turned out, it was a very productive hunt. For one, I refined my knowledge of the Deus’ language even further. I investigated a number of signals that seemed like iron signals at first glance but on further review, they were just different enough that they warranted being dug. As a result, I dug four deep wheat cents that would have stayed in the ground otherwise.

All four wheats mentioned above were in the eight to nine inch depth range. This is indeed exciting! Plus, I know I have walked past this kind of signal countless times by now. It sure gives me hope for a very good year.

At the end of the hunt, I had ten wheat cents and these:



Thank you for looking!

First silver of 2013…

3 Jan

…happens to be the first ring of 2013 as well. I took my XP Deus metal detector to a new park built on the site of an old home. The park is postage stamp sized with a playground area in the middle. Three things made me go there:

1) There was an old house there visible in old maps.

2) The park is in an area of town no one else wants to hunt.

3) There are a couple of very old trees in this park and the dirt around them may lay yet undisturbed.

In fact, it was under one of these old trees that I found my first silver ring of the year at 6 inches deep. The signal was a messy one with a short, sweet audio component a midst some ugly tones . Now,in previous posts, I’ve mentioned these kinds of signals and how I am beginning to really pay attention to them.  I decided to dig it even though the VDI jumped all over the place. I was using my primary hunting program on the Deus: Deus Fast with a frequency of 12KHz (changed from 18KHz).



The ring is of the One Size Fits All variety and it looks to be old. It obviously got lost when the house was still standing and inhabited. The markings inside include a jeweler’s mark of JJJ but a cursory search on the Internet yielded no information on the mark.


Now, the question every newbie asks when they find a silver ring with a mounted stone is: Is it a real diamond? The answer is that no sane person would put a real diamond on a silver ring unless we are talking diamond chips.  Still, the Cubic Zirconia on this ring is pretty.

So I now have 28 days left on this month to find 8 or 9 silver coins to stay on pace to make the goal for this year.

Thank you for looking!

Getting a little too full of myself

1 Nov

Ok, I have to come clean. I don’t always post my finds.Not because I don’t have time, although often that is the case. It’s just that I don’t deem the finds worthy of a post. After you post the same finds over and over you start wanting to make your posts memorable. If I was finding silver coins every day or gold rings or really cool relics, I wouldn’t be like this. But as it happens, my usual finds are always the same; bullets, clad, crap. YAAAAWN….

Somehow, silver rings got in the category of boring finds in my mind. So I haven’t been posting the silver rings I’ve been finding. Just in the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve found three silver rings that I haven’t even been telling my friends about.

I will remedy this however. I need to get out of that mind set and return to the days when everything and anything I found was exciting.

So here’s a picture of a silver ring I found at lunch the other day, along with the clad and, yep, a bullet. I hadn’t yet deleted this picture from my phone. I did tell Steveouke about this one though.

coins, bullet, and silver ring

The loot

So I hope I continue to find silver rings to tell you about.

Thank you for looking!

First silver ring of 2012

3 Feb

I hadn’t found a precious metal ring in months! This is only the fifth silver ring I’ve found since I started detecting late last May. It’s a Irish Cladaugh ring I am told.

I found it at the old trashy park and it was two inches deep.

Thank you for looking!

Silver coins plus a ring

25 Oct

I had a good lunch-time hunt today. I decided to go back to the original area I hit when I first began detecting in this park. I am very excited because I just began to cover this new spot and I already found two silver dimes and what I am sure is a silver ring even though the ring has no stamps on it.

Two silver dimes and a silver ring

Three silvers. Who knew my AT Pro was a silver seeking machine?