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Back to silver

29 Oct

I returned to the park this morning where I found the token the other day with the aim of exploring more deep signals with my XP Deus metal detector. I have been using the 9 inch coil lately to try to get around the trash.

I selected an area I haven’t explored in several years. I remember this area was heavily infested by foil and pull tabs but today I was amused to find out that the area was relatively clear of shallow trash. Seems like other hunters have been working the spot. After an hour of nothing but deep chunks of rusted iron, I changed my strategy. One of the beautiful things about the XP Deus is that it is ridiculously fast. At its slowest setting, it is as fast as many other machines at their fastest. This is known.

So I raised my recovery speed to 3 and moved to the 5’x10′ area where I have found 99 percent of all coins at this park. I actually watched a guy with an Etrack several years ago grid this very same spot and come up empty handed. I myself have come up empty handed several times but today, I was in a good mental place and got in the ‘zone’ quickly. I must add that the reason why a high recovery speed is necessary at this location is that if you sink your digger to about seven to eight inches randomly, you will likely find rusted nails and several small round pieces of amorphous rusted iron. I know that in the 30’s and 40’s there was play equipment here but why all the nails and other rusted iron are there I’ll never know. Here are my non-ferrous targets:

The round piece of rusted iron is a steel wheat cent. This is either the third or fourth I have dug since I began back in 2011. The rivet, I was told by my friend lawdog1, is likely from a pair of old overalls. The two mercs were around six inches deep but barely gave a signal as they were heavily masked by iron. I wonder how many more coins are there being silently masked by the insane amount of iron.

I will continue to explore this spot in the coming weeks to see if I can squeeze more silver from it.

Thank you for stopping by!


Friday evening silver

19 Apr

I suddenly had a couple of hours free this evening and I wasted no time on hitting the park. This time I returned to the spot where I found the Walking Liberty the other day.

I had just began swinging when a guy stopped by to chat. He was interested in metal detecting so I directed him to the Wheat State Treasure Hunter’s site and told him about the upcoming meeting on the 5th. In return, he gave me the name of a website with pictures of Wichita in the early days.

After he left, I found a couple of wheats from the 40’s before hitting a signal that was a little bit off but with enough good stuff that I decided to dig it. I am glad I did as I pulled silver coin #22 for the year.



After that, I found some clad and then I got a good signal mixed in with some trash. I thought for a moment I was going to dig a bottle cap as the VDI fluctuated to the quarter range and back to the penny range. However, what I found was a cool coin spill:


That rusted disc, which was the source of the trash signal, is my third ever steel penny. It’s actually in better shape than the last two I found. On this one, if I looked very closely, I could still see the shape of good ol’ Honest Abe.

The other two coins were a wheat and a Canadian George VI penny. It is my first George penny as all the other ones I have found in the past have been Elizabeth at various ages.

April has been a productive month for me in the silver department. I hope I can catch my count up. I need 32 silver coins by the end of April.

Thank you for looking!