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Dragomir’s first coin

23 Apr

This morning at the park where I found some old coins late last year the Bliss and I dug a bunch of deep holes. After a couple of rusted iron bits and a couple of ‘holes to nowhere’ the Bliss found its first coin: a 1915D wheat. I was excited and forged on.

After leaving my soul in every hole I dug, I was beat. Digging 14 inch deep holes is hard work, especially when you never reach the target. I definitely need a relic digging shovel. Finally, the Bliss found its second coin: A toasted 189x V nickel.

 I wanted to stay and find that Seated but I had promised my family I would only stay out for a couple of hours.
No matter, those deep seateds aren’t going anywhere.

Thank you for stopping by.


The Money Maker Protocol

18 Nov

Yesterday I went to a very old park in the city. I won’t call it a hunted out park because, really, ALL our parks are hunted out! Anyway, a couple of years ago, a pair of detectorists hit this park with their E-tracs and pulled a number of very cool coins out of there. Needless to say, scores of other detectorists descended upon this park but none repeated the impressive results the two guys with their Minelabs achieved.
The park is, of course, very trashy and, as it is very popular today, the trash continues to pile up.

I myself have hunted this park a number of times and managed to pull a silver coin now and again. This time however, I took my XP Deus to this park with a very specific protocol in mind. Protocol is a fancy word for what you all do now when detecting. Do you dig a signal or not? The answer to that question depends on your protocol.

I specifically wanted to try the spot where the two guys mentioned above found all their coins. Heck, I was there for one of their hunts and watched as one of them dug up a super cool Seated dime. I know they did a very thorough job at that spot but being me, and the reputation of the E-track notwithstanding,  I believe there are still many cool coins to be had there.

I walked to the very spot where KansasDave found that Seated dime that morning and I began applying my protocol. I had to dig a couple of rusted bottle caps to establish some parameters and then I began to seriously look for treasure. Not long I had a couple of signals that fit the criteria of the Money Making Protocol. The first coin was a wheat minted in 1919. Cool. Next signal was a wheat from 1918.  Next signal turned out to be a very toasted V nickel. I can barely make out the first two numbers of the date: 18xx.

I continued and dug up a couple of small pieces of aluminum foil. The protocol is susceptible to this so I still need to refine it. Not to worry though as my next signal gifted me with this beauty:

A 1917 Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter.

A few feet away, the next signal turned out to be a 1901 Barber dime with a New Orleans mint mark:


The last signal of the hunt was a very deep 1964 memorial. Geez!

So I think that the Money Maker Protocol is a winner. I wouldn’t apply this protocol to just any park. It is designed for very old parks.


Hopefully I will get to hunt a bit more this Fall and Winter.

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Old Coin Sandwich

18 Apr

I guess this is going to be a two post day.

And I guess I have to do a bit of explaining now. The other day, Tuesday night I think, I read a post on a Deus users forum whereas a well respected and acknowledged guru of the Deus recommended doing a couple of things to the Deus that run counter to popular opinion. What he recommends will kill some of the depth that I have been getting with the Deus lately BUT, the guru contends that being able to unmask the shallow to medium deep targets more than makes up for losing depth.

So yesterday, Wednesday, I took Maurice to the park to try these new settings even though, because of the rain, I wasn’t going to dig anything (couldn’t risk getting muddy as I work in an office and I see clients). In no more than 10 minutes I got 7 to 8 signals in a spot I’ve hunted A LOT that were not there before! I was ASTOUNDED. I was BEWILDERED. I was PARSIMONIOUS. (I don’t know what that last word means). I immediately called Steveouke to share this new thing with him. I know he knows the park I was at and I know he knows what a cruel mistress that park can be. Why, if I mined all the iron out of that park I may become a steel magnate. A rusty steel magnate.

But I didn’t dig any of the signals so who knows?!

Today, although I really didn’t have time to hunt at lunch time, I couldn’t resist the curiosity and I decided to hit the park again. It was cold and cloudy and the wind was probably blowing a good 15Mph but it wasn’t raining. I walked around the spot for a couple of minutes and I couldn’t find any of the signals from yesterday. Argghhhhh!!! Finally, I came upon a shallow signal with a VDI of 92 which at 12KHz on the Deus is a solid silver dime.
I thought to myself “This is not one of yesterdays signals but oh well”. I cut a 4 inch plug and at the bottom of the plug there was this mass with a shiny silver edge. My brain didn’t immediately understand what I was looking at:


It wasn’t until I looked at one of the smaller discs on each side of the shiny-edge circle that I saw it was a V nickel! What!!?? This bundle of joy was only 4 inches deep. How did I miss it before? I tell you how: IRON MASKING.

I called Stevouke and since he works only a couple of blocks away from this park, he asked that I come over so he could see the old coin sandwich.

We ran some hot water over it and we could see that one of the coins on the side was a Buffalo nickel and the other was a V nickel. But what was in the middle?


Ta- da! My second Stander of the year. Out of a park that to my knowledge has yielded no coins for a while (except to Maurice and I).

Both the Standing Liberty quarter and the Buffalo have no dates. Actually, you can see the last number of the date on the Buffalo and it is a 9.

The V nickel is dated 1908. That’s two V nickels out of this park in a week.

And I stuck to my guns and pulled silver out of here, which I’ve been telling Stevo I would.

Will this new setting hold? Will I find the other 8 signals that I am sure are coins again? Who invented liquid soap and why?

Stay tuned.

Thank you for looking!

Another V nickel

18 Apr

On my way to my Karate class on Tuesday, I stopped at the oldest park in Wichita for a few minutes of swinging my Deus metal detector. This park, aside from being the oldest park in Wichita, is also a one-block size park. The implications of this is that this park is one of the most hunted parks in the city and, because of its size, the likelihood that every square inch in it has been detected is high.

HOWEVER, no place is ever really hunted out. I agree with Tom Dankowski when he says that most of the coins ever dropped are still in the ground due to depth and masking. I believe this is especially true in this park. I began hunting this park back in my Ace250 days with no finds. Zero. Nada. Zilch. I found the first coin here with my V3i. It was a wheat; then, nothing.

I returned with the Deus and the place began to pop. I’ve found numerous wheats, a Buffalo nickel, an Indian Head from the late 1800’s, a 3 ring bullet possibly from the Bleeding Kansas days, and a hulking gold chain. This tells me that the stuff is there.

Well this is kind of a long preamble but I have reason for the long winded introduction. Like I said, I stopped here on my way to Karate and after about 45 minutes I got one of my wrap-around signals that was consistent enough so I dug it:




I love V nickels! This is my third one ever and the second this year. 1910. I wish it was in better shape but I’ll take it.

Now, why am I going on and on about this park? For starters, I believe my Seated coin is here. The park is old enough. Then, this very small park is heavily infested with iron which means that many coins could be masked. Finally, I learned something new about the Deus yesterday that, if correct, could prove to be a game changer.

I can’t wait to get back to the park to see if I am right!

***Last minute edit: If you get a chance, visit the website Scintillating Silver. You can find the link on the right under the Blog Roll. This guy posts some very interesting stuff about money. Check it out***

Thank you for looking.

Then, in the afternoon…

6 Jan

…I went to Riverside park with my Deus metal detector for an hour before the sun went down. I went to the spot I have been hunting consistently for a year and a half. I have seen scores of people detecting this spot. I myself have dug up many wheats, buffaloes, and Indians from here. Still, no matter what, there seems to be an inexhaustible supply of cool stuff still buried here.

Case in point is this really cool 1897 V nickel. It gave a pulltab signal that I decided to dig because it was deep and in this park I dig all signals four inches deep or deeper.


It is my first old nickel of the year and my first V nickel of the year. I put a big scratch on it and I was so mad about it that I came home and immediately ordered a shovel. This will be my third shovel and hopefully the last. I have taken measures to avoid loosing this one.

Anyway I love V nickels. I found my very first one ever last year. I hope to find many more this year.

Thank you for looking!

Gold ring #2 for the year plus a V nickel!

1 Jun

Woo hoo!

Thank you for looking!

GPS hunt

1 Sep

A guy I hunt with started burying old nickels and steel pennies and giving out the GPS coordinates to other people. So far I’ve only hunted these a couple of times with no success. One of the nickels he buried was a 1900 V nickel and I really wanted it. So, today after work, I went over to the park where the nickel was and using my iphone I located the general area. It took me about an hour to find the V nickel and in the process I dug up a Washington nickel, 2 memorials, and a few pull tabs. I also eye balled a recently dropped coin spill by one of the picnic tables.

Another guy had suggested we all meet at the park and hunt for the V nickel and the other coins hidden there on Saturday. I am off to the Caldwell Hunt on Saturday so that’s why I went today. I hope I did not ruin their hunt


V nickel

The fruits of my labor