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In the twelfth day of Christmas…

24 Dec

…my Deus brought to me…

One war nickel…


…two silver Rosies…

1963_Rosie_in_situ 1964_rosie

….teeeeeeeeen wheat-back ceeeeeeeeents.


So last night, Steveouke once again graciously invited me to hunt what seemed like the perfect spot to find very old coins. The house on the property was built in the 1870’s and there was a stone barn where a church held gatherings in the old days. With visions of Seated coins dancing in our heads we tackled the site but after a couple of hours of hard detecting, none of us had anything to show for our efforts.

So this morning, after breakfast and some family time and with an eye to redeem myself for last night, I bid goodbye to the family and headed out into the very cold morning. I began at a school next to a park. The school was built in the early 50’s so it held the promise of silver Roosevelt dimes and maybe even some late Mercuries.

I found a couple of wheats (’44 and ’56) and then I got a sweet signal at about 3 inches deep. The VDI screamed dime and after I chiseled through the 3 inches, the beautiful sight of a silver coin’s rim appeared to my delight. I gave the school a few more minutes and managed to extract a 1910 wheat and a 1940 wheat before I decided that the ground was too hard.

So I moved on to the park. I decided to re-grid an area that gave up 6 silver coins last year and after about 30 minutes, I had 3 more wheats in my pocket. I then began walking randomly at a different spot that I had not hunted before and I found a 1939 wheat. Next I hit on a 1929 wheat. This was getting interesting! Then I got a quarter signal that sounded like trash. I decided to investigate because the Deus was telling me the target was 7 to 8 inches deep.  The first thing out of the hole was a huge rusted nail. Sometimes, very rusted iron gives quarter signals. However, out of habit, I put the pinpointer in the hole and I got another hit. One more scoopful of dirt revealed the silver edge of a 1942 S nickel! Score!

I stood up and I walked maybe ten steps when I got another quarter signal. I dug it up and the first thing out of the whole was a piece of unidentified rusty iron. No way! I put the pinpointer in the hole and nothing. I covered the hole and before I moved, I ran the Deus over the spot again and I got a surface dime signal! Sure enough, I had pulled a 1964 Rosie along with the nail but I didn’t notice.

So I ended the 4 hour hunt with 3 silvers, 10 wheats, 7 clad quarters, 3 clad dimes and an assortment of copper Lincolns.

Not bad.

Thank you for looking!

War nickel and my oldest wheat

23 Sep

Today I took my XP Deus metal detector to hunt an old church with Steveouke from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum. Steveouke graciously invited me to this site where he previously found silver.

We both found a number of wheats before I got the war nickel. I was using Deus Fast but I changed the frequency to 12KHz in an attempt to gain a little more depth. The VDI for the war nickel was a nice and solid 55 and the coin was at about 5 inches deep. About 10 minutes later, Steveouke hit a very nice 1918 Mercury dime.

1944 P Jefferson nickel

As much silver as a silver dime

I also found a 1909 wheat cent in excellent shape but with no mint mark and no VDB. Oh well, it is still my oldest wheat.

1909 Lincoln cent obverse

My oldest wheat

All in all, it was not a bad hunt. Later, we hit a house from the early 1900’s but we found nothing of interest.

various old coins

The old church produced nicely.

Thank you for looking!



War nickel

5 Apr

I’ve been using the CZ-3D lately and I am happy with the unit except that I haven’t yet reached very deep with it. As a result, my finds have been less than interesting.

So today, I brought out the big gun. I hit a couple of places this afternoon with my V3i and finally I got some silver out of the ground. The signal was not a signal that I would have dug a couple of weeks ago but since using the CZ, I’ve developed new instincts. The nickel was a 1945 P Jefferson nickel and it was between seven and eight inches down. The signal had wrap-around and the VDI was jumpy but the high tone was consistent all around.

The other coin I dug today was a 1912D wheat cent. I may be turning into a snob because anymore, I don’t brag about wheats unless they are in the 10’s. This signal also wrapped around but now and again, I got a clean hit with a VDI of 72 so I dug it and I am glad I did. The coin was six inches deep.

Anyway, I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 10.5 inch coil for the CZ. I expect great things from it just as I expect great things from my V3i.

old coins

Big Bertha comes through!

1945 Jefferson nickel obverse

Nice detail

1945 Jefferson nickel reverse

Love that big P atop Monticello

1912 D Lincoln cent

Old wheat

War nickel. I love these guys!

26 Jan

After work, I stopped at the old trashy park (Riverside) for a quick 30 minute hunt. I found a couple of No Cash Value tokens right away, then I hit a signal that could have been anything really, but my V3i said the thing was 6 inches deep so in spite of the signal being broken up and ugly, I dug it. And boy! Am I glad I did!

Generations of hunters missed this coin but I didn’t ūüėÄ

1944 D Jefferson nickel freshly dug

Freshly dug

1944 D Jefferson nickel obverse

A little cleaner

Reverse 1944 D nickel

The Big D

This is only the third war nickel I have ever dug up and the first D mint mark.

The last signal I got was a very iffy, here-gone-and-here-again signal. The park is carpeted with iron and it makes for a very interesting hunt. Anyway, I know the park now and I am beginning to know when a signal may be a coin. So I went for it and at a little over five inches deep, I found the 1964 Memorial penny.

It gives me lots of hope that I may find my Seated coin in this park. I know it’s out there, semi-masked by iron and giving a signal only I can love.

Coins and tokens

30 minutes in rusty iron hell

Thank you for looking!

Silver coin #32 for the year

30 Oct

Thank you for looking!

First Buffalo nickel and first War nickel

11 Oct

Before I go into the details of this hunt, I want to mention something other people who metal detect have mentioned to me and that is the subject of feelings; as in “Something told me to dig this pull tab”.

I went to McAdams park at lunch time today. ¬†As I was walking toward the spot I had planned to detect, something told me to detect a different spot instead. In fact, I had a good reason not to deviate from my original plan because I have found 4 wheats and a silver dime in the area I had first chosen for today’s hunt. Yet, there I was,listening to my gut, putting on my headphones and turning my AT Pro on. Two minutes into it, I got a nice middle tone with a target id of 53 at a depth of four inches. I began to dig the hole fully expecting a clad nickel but what I got instead immediately got me grinning; my first Buffalo nickel! Other hunters in Wichita have found Buffalo nickels lately and I wondered if I would ever find one.
I covered the hole and as an after thought I re-scanned it and I got another signal. This signal was another middle tone that jumped around from 53 to 60 and back. Out of curiosity, I decided to re-open the hole. I was totally shocked when the 1943 Jefferson nickel popped out. I did not need to see the date to know what I had. The coin I was looking at had the unmistakable silky silver color. I was really grinning then! So, for good measure, I stuck my pinpointer in the hole and got no other signals but before I decided to cover the hole again, I ran the coil over it. Bam! another clear middle tone hits my ears and the VDI shows 53. I laughed out loud as I used my Lesche to extract yet another Buffalo nickel.
The three coins in the spill are: a 1943 Jefferson nickel, a 1928 Buffalo nickel with no mint mark visible, and a 1937D Buffalo nickel with a four legged Buffalo.

The 1943 Jefferson war nickel is my 20th silver coin for the year. Yeah baby!

***Thanks to Tony from the Detecting Saxapahaw blog for pointing out that I was¬†erroneously¬†calling the war nickel a Washington nickel. I’ve fixed the error.***

War nickel and two buffalo nickels

Right out of the hole

War nickel and two buffalo nickels


Thank you for looking!