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First silver of 2015 and a remarkable hunt

18 Jan

The weather finally turned enough to dust off Maurice, my XP Deus metal detector, and head to my favorite deep silver park.

At the very end of 2014 I added depth to my hunts by increasing the sensitivity and lowering the speed. Also, I learned about a phenomenon that probably kept from finding some deep old coins in the past. With those two things in mind, I returned to a spot that I cleaned in preparation for the Blisstool v6 later this Spring (fingers crossed). I was thinking I would dig some old iron as I was sure that I had done a fairly good job cleaning all signals. Boy was I wrong!

First I found a bunch of pull tabs, beaver tails, and tiny foil. I was somewhat shocked. Upping the sensitivity got me a bunch of those super small pieces of aluminum. Eventually I hit a nice repeatable deeeeep signal. At past 10 inches deep I found what looks to be a brass accent for a purse or something. It says Russell Co. in old english gothic font. Then I got a fairly loud signal that according to the target I.D was a coin. Instead I found a square electrical doo hickie that says Delco REMY on it. I was shocked that I missed this before. Some clad followed. Crazy! Then I hit a 1945 wheat. Really?? It was the next target that floored me. A 1944 D war nickel. By then I had dug almost 20 targets between trash and the non-ferrous stuff. The spot was supposed to be clean!! But I wasn’t done yet; next I found a transportation token from the 60’s. The last target I dug was a 1940 wheat.

Was I hunting on deaf mode before?! I swear the spot was clean! I thought I had dug all obvious targets. I am still reeling from this hunt.


Well I can’t wait to go back to this spot. I will have to re-grid it now.

Thank you for stopping by!

The Old Standby

30 Jul

I am glad to have a standby park that will provide me with silver in lean times. I have spoken about this park extensively in the past and I am happy to know that other people have began to hunt it besides me. I know there are 1000’s of coins still under that dirt, alas, a little too deep for most detectors today. I plan on buying a Russian detector later this year that will hopefully get me to those coins.

Anyway, I decided to hunt the ol’ standby at lunch today in spite of a light drizzle falling and getting everything wet. By the way, the XP Deus is almost water proof as the stock headphones are rain proof. If you remove the controller and put it in your pocket (or in a zip lock bag) you’re good to go in the rain.

It was a good hunt:


A dateless Buffalo (only the second one this year), a 1946 wheat, and a 1958 Roosevelt dime. The button is kind of cool too. It reminds me of the coat buttons of the 50’s and 60’s.

So this year has been very different than last year, both in the time dedicated to the hobby and in the number of finds but I won’t complain too much as I am very blessed elsewhere. Perhaps this year will be a year of quality instead of quantity. I mean, I already found a Shield nickel, who knows what else is around the corner?

Keep on swinging!


My oldest coin thus far

21 Jul

Wow, I really need to post more often!

I have been looking for gold as I mentioned before but I have found none. I spent four days in St. Louis MO but I didn’t get to take my detector. It was very hard walking around Forest Park and not having Maurice with me. I did see a guy detecting with an AT Pro but since it was our family vacation I didn’t run to talk to him to see what he was finding.

Alas, to top it all off, my friend luckydog1 er, I mean, lawdog1, was killing it finding a NICE Morgan silver dollar, a NICE Franklin half and an assortment of Mercs, Rosies and other awesome coins.

So when I came back home, I was determined to go out hunting.

Yesterday, I decided to visit a nearby town that has produced very nicely for other hunters. The town, albeit small, has a large and very old park. For this hunt I put away the Compadre and dusted off Maurice. I spent three hours there and found only one coin worth talking about:



rays shield


Yep, that’s my first ever Shield Nickel. It is worn smooth but you can see enough detail. With a magnifying glass the 67 part of the date can be made out faintly. The Shield nickel was designed in 1866. The original design had rays emanating from the center and going between the stars surrounding the number 5. This design was changed in 1867 because of difficulties with the striking of the pattern. Starting in 1867, the 5 was surrounded by stars but no rays were on it.  So the rays were only on coins made in 1866 and part of 1867.

This was a coin long on my list and now I can scratch it off. This makes up for all my failed hunts this year!

Finding this coin made me decide to start hunting on my lunch hour again.

Thank you for looking!

I’m not dead yet!

23 Jun

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post!

I am back in the game though. I’ve managed three hunts in as many days. For my return to my beloved hobby, me and Maurice are looking for gold.

Now, I’ve heard tales and I’ve heard fables about people who can tell gold by the type of signal they get. Not to call anyone a liar but I am highly skeptical of this. I remember ONCE, with the AT Pro, getting a nickel signal that was silky and full and all kinds of groovy and finding a pendant in the hole when I dug the signal. That was it however. Not before and not since have I gotten a signal like that on a mid tone. Even the gold rings I have found sounded like a plain old mid tone signal.

So, this means I am digging every signal between high foil and pull tab. It’s unforgiving work let me tell you. So far, I estimate a total of 180 pull tabs, and about half that number in aluminum foil. Out of all that I have found a Wichita Transportation token from the 60’s and a pretty metal button. Brutal.

Oh, and I am digging every bottle cap as well. I have dug about 100 bottle caps so far in these three hunts. The reason for digging the bottle caps is that when I look for gold, I don’t meander around but rather, I pick a spot and work every signal there. It keeps me from losing my mind because as I am looking for gold, I am also cleaning a spot for future deep-signal hunting. To this end, I am selective about the spots I choose.
A) They have to be target rich. That tells me that there was heavy human activity in the past.
B) They have to be spots that are no longer popular, thus ensuring all targets are old-ish.

Hunts like these make me wish I had started metal detecting in my 20’s. Right now, I can do this non-stop for about three hours. After that, my attention wanes and all I want is a sandwich and a drink. Once I stop, I am useless as my body stiffens and all I am good for is sitting and watching tv.

I intend to keep on going until I score a ring, or a chain or some other gold item. Stay tuned for updates.

Thank you for stopping by!


Some times it just don’t make sense

14 Apr

The scenario was thus: a block of houses from way back then (at least one was turn of the century) was torn down. Seemingly, the school district is expanding one of the local schools. I wanted to detect these houses for at least two years. A soccer field just north of these houses has produced indians and a few very old relics. The houses sat in a area of town most people would not think to look for old houses. I mean, the school in question harkens back to the late 50’s. Then, the houses were surrounded by a wall of trees and vegetation that made it near impossible to see the houses at all.

So, I went there Sunday evening as the opportunity arose for me to shake the dust off Maurice. I got there and most of the ancient trees and shrubbery had been knocked down. Still, there were some open areas to run the coil over. Two minutes into the hunt, I got a nice, shallow quarter signal and I extracted, with no small amount of joy, a 1944 Washington quarter. Nice!

Feeling like I hit the mother load, I spent three more hours in the cold, yes, we got snow in freaking mid April, but all I managed after the quarter were a couple of wheats and some clad. Sigh! I hope that I get to hunt these lots once more after they clear all the tree debris and before they do whatever they are going to do there.

Thank you for looking!


22 Feb

After a long while of not detecting (due to a myriad of reasons), I was beginning to feel like maybe I had reached that point in the hobby where I didn’t care for it anymore. Incredible, I know, given the amount of time I’ve dedicated to the hobby already. My head was not in the game anymore. I went out at lunch once and couldn’t concentrate. After that time, I spent my lunch hour running errands and such.

This Saturday morning however, I awoke early and no one else did. Even the dogs were asleep. I didn’t want to sit around the house so I grabbed Maurice and headed to my deep silver park.

As usual, the park was quiet. I really like this park. It has a lot of character in my opinion. I decided to try something new with the Deus and so I hit the areas that have produced the most silver and which, I believed, were now empty of all good targets. Right away I began to pull targets I missed before. The first few things I dug up were pull tabs and bottle caps. I was surprised by these because I have tried very hard to remove all trash from these areas and I thought I had finally cleaned them up. After the trash, I began to get good targets. A 1990 Canadian penny; hmmmm… a few memorials; really??!! A couple of wheats; oh my! and finally, a 1940 Mercury dime!!! Whaaaat!!! Seriously, I have gone over these areas at least 100 times; really!



Seeing that silver disk embedded in the clay brought me back to life. I am back in the fray.

Here’s to many more like it!

Nickelodeon and the mystery of the missing gold

28 Jan

I went out with my XP Deus metal detector the other day looking for cool stuff. As usual, I hit one of our city parks. Most of our city parks are hunted regularly so I am not surprised when I don’t find a lot of clad –or any clad, there.

This time however, I found a few dimes, a bunch of nickels, and even a quarter.


The clad was surprising but the nickels were not. Finding nickels with the Deus is child’s play. And since it seems that no one else digs nickel signals, there are always many left in any of our city parks.

The mystery to me is that with as many nickels as I dig, and 7 to 8 nickels a hunt is not unusual, why am I not finding lots of gold? I guess that speaks volumes about the volume of gold in our parks; that is, there is not much. Still, I will continue to dig nickel signals because Maurice makes it easy.

Oh, and I found my first silver ring of the year. About 6 inches down and gave a strong quarter signal. I’ll take it.


Because of the increased level of stress at my job this time of year, I find it necessary to resume my lunch hour hunts to clear my head. So much for the walking! LOL!

Thank you for looking!




23 Jan

Today is a bitterly cold day. Needless to say I won’t be hunting. Yesterday, it was a different story; sunny, warm, perfect. I know I said that I was going to use my lunch hour to walk instead of hunting but yesterday I was in good spirits. Steve and I are undertaking a super-secret project and it is well on its way. It promises riches and definitely, it promises good times. So, in my excitement, I decided to hit the old trashy park. The old trashy park is very large and it has many areas I have not explored properly. I decided to go to such an area and was having a really good time cleaning up the beaver-tail pulltabs when I got a mixed trashy signal. If you don’t know by now, I dig these all day long. I dig them especially when the high tone component is somewhat sweet.

I dug my hole and the first thing that came out was a piece of can slaw. No surprise there. I should have taken a picture of it. Anyway, before I covered the hole I stuck my Garret pinpointer into the hole once more and I got another strong hit. I reached in with my gloved hand and voila! this is what I saw:


I always get excited when I see a worn coin in the hole because it makes me hopeful for a Seated.

Alas, no less of a cool coin but a Seated it was not. I had in my hand a well-worn 1928 Mercury dime. Silver always lifts my spirits and this day it made me even happier. Needless to say, this spot will get worked over pretty well.


I won’t be posting about the super-secret project for a long while but if you see me walking down the street grinning like a fool, it won’t be because I am crazy!

Thank you for looking!

First hunt of 2014

1 Jan

Although we were expecting snow today, it was not to happen until the afternoon so I grabbed Maurice and headed into 2014 full of hope. I went to the same school I went to last year on my first hunt of 2013. The school campus is so large that there had to be a keeper or two left.

After about an hour of digging clad, I got a sweet signal and I went for it. I will never get tired of seeing that edge in the coin ball”

The winner of 2014’s first silver coin of the year is a 1947D Roosevelt dime:

Next I found a cool holed token. This token was made by the Pace Manufacturing Company from 1927 until the 1940’s. It went into vending machines also made by the same company, such as the Bantam Mint Vending machine. The vending machines also doubled as slot machines in that after you made the purchase, you also could get tokens back that could be traded for merchandise. It was a clever way to get around anti-gambling laws:


I spent two hours at the school and I left as I did last year feeling that I haven’t yet even scratched the surface. By the way, I found 10 nickels.

So we are off.

Thank you for looking

Mystery token

27 Dec

Today was beautiful so I went out in search of the last silver coin of 2013. I did not find a silver coin but I found yet another M.K. token. A quick Google search revealed that M.K. (Mein Kempf) tokens were created by the followers of Adolf Hitler while he sat in jail in Germany before he became the supreme German leader. His followers would take public transportation tokens and stamp M.K. on the reverse.

The token I found seems to be a machine made replica of those tokens. I have found nothing on these on the Net but my guess is that the American Nazis of the 30’s created them in homage to their cause in Germany.  Interestingly, as a young man in Wichita, while riding the bus, I overheard an old man tell someone else about the headquarters of the Nazi Party in our fair city.  That was until Pearl Harbor, then the Nazis suddenly disappeared from public life.  The building still stands, albeit abandoned, and for the longest time it was a church. Every time I drive by I want to detect the small sidewalk grass strip. Maybe some day they will tear up the parking lot. Wouldn’t that be an interesting hunt!

As I said, this is the second one I’ve found. This one was about 7 inches down.



The 2 1/2 refers to the value of the original tokens; 2 1/2 pfennig.

Of course, I could be all wrong.